Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yummy Fiber Pic!

As promised, picture! It would be pics, but I seem to have the hardest time capturing this fiber on camera.

Here is my day 3 & 4 of the Tour de Fleece progress:

Tour de Fleece 2008 - End of Day 4

It is from a custom dyed Decadent Fibers Jelly Roll. I should have gotten the Spun Sugar as it is already in strips. But this way just requires more predrafting of the fibers. And that has been great for my learning.

It is only a single. I will have to spin another single after this one and ply them together. But my hope is to complete this for the Tour de Fleece.

BTW, I am curious. If anyone knows why there are two different Tour de Fleeces, let me know. I am just curious though my guess is like everything online. someone got mad at someone and took their toys to play in another sandbox. *chuckle*

The Yarn Harlot joined the other one. I wasn't going to join at all because that one requires you spin from your stash (and there were only about 4-5 people signed up when I checked). Then I found the one I joined. This is the one with the Ravelry group.

It is just curious... *shrugs*

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