Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Okay. So I Can't Tell Dates... *sigh*

I am so frustrated. I was so proud that I started the Tour de Fleece on time despite being on vacation. I was so happy.

Then yesterday I checked in the Ravelry group. Started posting to the daily threads and realized - I CAN'T TELL DAYS! *shakes head*

The Tour de Fleece started SATURDAY. Not Sunday as I got stuck in my brain. *sigh*

That bites.

I missed the first day all because I can't manage to get dates right.

I think I will just make sure I spin on at least one of the two rest days and consider it a wash. It was an honest mistake.

I hope to have some pics of my spinning efforts. But I forgot to send them to myself. Hoping my DH will soon. *crosses fingers*

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