Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inspired to Decorate & The Wheel May Have a Name

On the Ravelry Babe Wheel forum, I came across some amazing photos from a fellow Babe owner.


I love the way the wheel looks. It is really beautiful.

She used Deco Art Americana paints & added some chainmail she had. Amazing...

It got me thinking that it might be cool to decorate mine!

My first thought was actually black with red & gold flames. *laugh* But I kept churning the idea in my head. Wondering what to do.

Something popped into my head. Morpheus. I will have to see if the wheel likes the name. But I don't know why, it works for me.

I might be time to reread the Sandman books again. It has been a while. But I like the idea of black with silver and perhaps some other colors. Spinner of dreams. *grin*

I am not sure yet. But I figure I can see if the name fits.

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