Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Definitely Not Morpheus...

The wheel did *not* like the name.

It was not at all happy last night. A nut came off the piece that attaches the treadles to the wheel! And the leather strap that is the brake came out of the velcro that holds it in place! *shakes head*

Paul fixed the treadle issue. The nuts had slipped loose and wasn't treadling correctly. But my darling hubby fixed it.

The brake was an easy repair as well. It is just velcro folded over a leather strap. The velcro was stapled at the sides to hold it closed. So I opened it, made a knot at the end of the leather, reglued it and then staple the sides again. Not a biggie.

It is really making me wonder if I shouldn't return this one and get a brand new one. The woman I bought it from made that offer. But I really am reluctant. It would be more money & I would be without the wheel for as long as it would take to get the new one. I do like this one. But I keep juggling the choices in my head.

Paul and I are going down to his folks this weekend. The woman I bought it from is on the way. So it makes me think I should decide before the weekend. I am not sure honestly. It does seem like the wheel may have taken some abuse while she was teaching with it. But heaven knows it could just be me getting used to it. I am just not sure. Thus the debate.

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Alpaca Granny said...

Hey, if you and your now nameless again wheel have become friends, maybe you should just stick with her.