Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I am really happy. My fiber from Decadent Fibers arrived yesterday. *happy Snoopy dance*

It is really beautiful! They custom dye the colors you want. So of course, being me, I went for black, burgundy and purple. *grin*

I took some pictures last night but of course forgot to get them off the camera. So I will have to do that soon.

The funny thing is that I ordered the Jelly Roll. I thought when I read it that that was their name for their custom color roving. So I was a bit surprised when I pulled it out of the box and it was one big piece. *blink*

I went to their site and realized I made a mistake! The Spun Sugar is their roving that is in strips. Oops! *laugh*

I wrote the terrific folks at Decadent Fibers. I explained my mistake and asked what I could do. The kind person explained that I can just pull off bits and said I can mix the colors or take the color off in strips to get distinct areas of color.

So last night I spend some time pulling off sections and predrafting them.

It is definitely spinning nicely. It has a good bit of crimp to the wool. It feels similar to the Romney to me. I am very curious to see how this comes out. I certainly have a lot! So I will be working on it for some time to come. It is good as when I start the Tour de Fleece, it will be good to have that much fiber. *grin*

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