Monday, June 30, 2008

Nothing on My Needles

I really can't believe for the second time in a recent memory there is nothing on my needles. It is so bizarre.

The next thing that will be going on my needles are a pair of socks for my friend Meredith. But I am doing them as part of the July Sock Knitters Anonymous Knitalong. So I will wait until tomorrow to start them.

It is definitely odd not having anything on the needles!

I hope I will remember the pictures tomorrow. I took pictures of the scarf I finished last night as well as the Decadent Fibers roving I have. Of course, I forgot to upload any of the pics yet! *grin*

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Stephanie said...

That's the scary thing about the spinning this isn't it? I had empty needles for a few days as well....until my knee went wack-o and I haven't spun in the last few now I'm knitting instead :)

I love this craft so much.