Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Time I Plyed Two Spun Singles Together

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This is the first yarn where I have spun two singles and plied them together. The others yarns I had done were so irregular and thick in spots that I plied them with thread as not to add more bulk to them.

It is 4 oz. of Finn that the woman who sold me the Babe wheel gave me. It spun really nicely. I think it had a nice long staple which meant I could draft it out pretty well.

While I am still not super consistent about the thickness, I am improving. There are some thicker & thinner bits in the yarn. But overall, it is much better in consistency. I am still learning a lot but it is getting better the more I am spinning.

I really do love the wheel. I was having some issues with it, but I think that was me getting used to the wheel. Most of them have been resolved by my being attentive to how I sit, where I put my feet on the treadles & my darling hubby tightening up some screws on the wheel. So I think things are good!

I also did my first batch of dyeing with Kool-Aid. It was pretty easy and the color is okay. I think I would have liked more richness to the color. But it did work well. I really liked that I could do it in the microwave because it was all edible products. So I didn't have to stress about it being toxic.

The purple is created with grape Kool-Aid. It is sorta dusty purple. The red is tropical punch. I had wanted black cherry as it is darker. But the store didn't have any. The colors are pretty decent. I also added some red & blue food coloring to some of the sections. Though honestly, you can't see a difference between the sections with the food coloring and the ones without. *shrugs*

I had planned to just lay out the yarn in a large container and do it that way. But when I poured the dye onto the yarn, I found that there was no way with that method that the colors would remain in place. So I took the cups I mixed the different dyes in and just kept the yarn in each of the cups.

I used the 2 minutes in the microwave, two minutes rest. I would spoon the color over the parts that were sticking up over the edges of the cups. It worked pretty well.

Overall I am happy with the results. I might decide to overdye the color. But it is just as likely I will leave it as it is.

I definitely think I should invest in some acid dyes. What I liked about this dyeing process is that you are supposed to heat it until the water becomes clear. So that is a lot less rinsing. And after handpainting with the fiber reactive dyes and the rinsing that takes all day, not spending hours rinsing is very appealing. *chuckle* Also, for creating painted rovings, the acid dyes are a better way to go. I will have to check into them.

The yarn is only around 55 yards though. Ah well. Maybe I will create a thin decorative scarf. I am not sure. Either way I am definitely having fun with spinning. Now that I have gotten the hang of it, it is getting really calming to do it.


Stephanie said...

THey look great! I haven't plied yet....just been spinning singles. I am going to try tonight! I have dyed yarn with kool aid before but I do think that acid dyes are the way to go. I really want to get some and dye some bulk rovings. It is so much cheaper than buying all the pretty ones on etsy. (but...oh...they are so pretty!)

ten said...

You wasted grape Kool-Aid on dye? Hasn't my brother taught you the incredible summer goodness that is grape Kool-Aid ice cream yet?