Monday, April 28, 2008

Pucca Hat

I was so excited to see this. I might need to make it. (It would be definite if I actually wore hats!)

Too cool!

There is this great episode of Pucca where knitting saves the day. It is called Woolen Warrior. I really wanted to create a file for all the knitting folks I know to share it. It is wonderful.

I tried to find if the show was on youtube or something. But alas... *sigh* Work is blocking various things, but google video seems to have one. So you can try searching there.

This one may work. But it looks like it is whole episode. Woolen Warrior is in the middle of the show. It is segment 2 of 3.,Item,1011726032.html

Though now I am thinking more, maybe I could take the pattern and change it to a bag or something. *grin* I would probably actually use that. Hmmmm...

Oooo... Or Pucca and Garu socks. Hmmmm.... *grin*

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