Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Maryland Sheep & Wool for Me

I had been planning to go to Maryland Sheep & Wool. A lot of Paul's family is in the area, so I could have even met up with my sister-in-law who is a knitter.

Problem is I have had a sore throat for a couple days now. It started as a tickle in the throat late on Tuesday. Yesterday it got more sore. Today it feel so-so. Still tender, but not as bad. I am still hoping that it is just sinus season nasal drip. But the two people in the office with desks closest to mine have been hacking up their lungs pretty much since I got back from AZ. *shakes head*

So as consolation, I went yarn shopping last night. I stopped at the Point first as it is close to work. They had just gotten in some Brooklyn Handspun yarns which look really nice. The thing is I am beginning to suspect my color palette is just not the same as the person who buys for the Point. They were all very bright colors or pastels.

The PATH trains weren't running locally due to some track problems. So I had to go down to World Trade to catch the PATH. And that told me it was a sign to stop off at Seaport Yarn. I stopped off there for the first time about a week & a half ago to get some yarn for a beer & fiber swap I participated in (sent my package out to the reciepant who was really happy, haven't gotten my package yet). I had just gotten back from AZ where I got a lot of vacation yarn. So I didn't want to spend anything on myself right then.

However, I recalled really liking some of the yarns they had in stock. Checked their website and as luck would have it, Wednesdays are their late night. So I headed over there.

I am really happy with the yarn I got. It is Done Roving Done Roving Frolicking Feet Yarn in Fancy Footwork colorway.

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It is 100% superwash wool and looks like it will be good for socks. I love the different colors in this yarn. Some burgundy, purple, yet also some blues & greens. It is really beautiful.

The woman at Seaport Yarn was very sweet. She invited me to participate in their Stitch & Bitch (though I can't recall what she said, something like knitting circle). But I didn't have any knitting with me. I only take it into work when I know I will be able to knit. I read on the train most of the time as there is rarely enough space to knit.

I should get some work done. Whee...


Brooklyn Handspun said...

Hey there - I'm sorry you didn't like the colors of Brooklyn Handspun at the point - this time of year is hard for people who like the darker more jewel tones, since all the stores want bright and summery. I'm a big fan of the darker colors myself - The colorway you picked up is quite nice though :)

Michele / akkasha said...

Wow. So sweet of you to reply. I went specifically after checking out your colorways on your site because you have some I really want!

I guess I will just have to wait for fall when the darker jewel tones are fashionable again. I know a lot of people want brighter tones in the spring. So it makes complete sense that it what you are creating.

I will just have to keep my eyes peeled for your deep colorways later in the year.