Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Projects in a Weekend

I am happy. I finished two projects in a weekend. It helps that I wanted to give them away on Sunday. But still. I am glad to feel like they were completed quickly.

These quickie projects are a nice contrast to the shawl. I suspect the shawl will be on my needles for quite some time. But I am actually making more progress than I figured so that is nice.

Quicky Purse for Denise's Sister

Cast On:
March 21, 2008

Completed :
March 22, 2008

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Knitted Bag from Reader's Digest The Complete Knitting Set

Made for:
Denise's Sister

US 6 / 4.0 mm Knitpicks Options

New Relax Wool in Bordeaux
Purchased at School Products in New York City, New York

I made this purse in the fall. It was part of the Reader's Digest The Complete Knitting Set. I gave the one from the kit to my grand niece. (No I am not that old! My nieces and nephews are around my age.) She didn't seem to care for it as it didn't play music or beep. *laugh*

However, her aunt raved about it and wanted to know if I sold them. *chuckle* So I figured it would be nice to give one someone who actually appreciated it.

It is a very quick project. In about 2 hours of knitting, I have half of the purse done. And it was some relaxed, tv knitting. Definitely a plus. The handles and finishing work took as long as the purse body to complete. *laugh*

This one was knit out of the New Relax. It is a wool I bought in a cone. Though doing it in the wool (rather than the acrylic provided with the kit) means I needed to block it. There was a good bit of pulling from the cable so I needed to get it to flatten out. I finished the body on Friday so I could block it. I figured I need to complete it by then otherwise it wouldn't be dry in time which was correct. It was still damp on Saturday.

I liked the cable so I did it on both sides. The pattern suggest garter for the center for the entire back. But I think it looks better with both sides having some design.

I added a bead for the closure. It was a large glass bead that I think matched the color nicely.

I gave it to Denise on Sunday (Easter) when I went up to visit my family. It worked out well as she was going over to see her family. So it was good timing.

It was definitely nice to have it done so quickly!

Lilly Hat for Trinity

Cast On:
March 22, 2008

March 23, 2008

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Lilly Hat by Larissa Brown
Modifications with help of Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns

Made for:
Size 6-24 months

US 10 1/2 / 6.5 mm Knitpicks Options

Lion Brand Chunky USA in Napa Grape
0.25 skeins = 38.8 yards (35.4m)

I definitely liked the pattern. It was super easy and quick to knit up.

I did this with a much thicker yarn than the project suggested. However, I found it was good as Trinity is a large baby for her age! So the hat will actually fit her. I pulled out the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns to check how long the hat should be.

I also added some yarn overs to give it a lacier look without getting it to be too open.

Trinity's mom seemed to like the hat which is what matters most at this point. *smile* Though I did learn that Trinity doesn't like to have anything on her head currently. I am all the more glad it is on the large size with plenty of stretch. This way she can wear it when she gets bigger and stops fussing about hats.

I was working on this in the car on the drive to CT for Easter. I was glad it got done in time. Though I admit that I would also like to have done a hat for Littlest George as well. I am sure his folks would have liked it. But I didn't have time to do it. I should have started sooner. Ah well. I am tempted to make one in fair isle with the same colors as the Tomten sweater I made for him.

I have to say that the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns is probably the most useful pattern book I have bought. I reference it a lot when I am tweaking patterns. I find it is great being able to figure out the specs I need to tweak patterns. I definitely use it a good deal.

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