Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Music to Knit To...?

Found via Snuffywump's blog.

Pandora Radio is streaming music. But you pick favorite artists 'stations' which play the band songs or similar artists. You can say yay or neigh on different songs of artist. From there, it will also make suggestions.

Given I just do not spend the time to search out new music these days, I am really enjoying it. So far I have only listened to a few of the stations of my fav bands. But there is a quick mix option which I am guessing will use my favs to create more customized listening. But I haven't tinkered with that yet.

On the down side there are ads. And it will only allow you to skip so many songs per hour. But hey, it is free. So it may be worth a listen.

I am guessing this is probably old news for some of you. But I am really enjoying it. I suspect I will put this on tonight while doing some more lace knitting.


Stephanie said...

I haven't tinkered with it too much either. I have been enjoying music I had never heard of before. There is a pay version that you can skip ads etc. but I think I'm sticking with the's free. are's the second best website. I found it through the best one (ravelry) or course!

Lucia @ Pandora said...

Hey Michele - Thanks for listening to Pandora! It's fun to see that you and Stephanie are trying out the service.

How QuickMix functions is that it temporarily mixes several of your stations together, for more variety.

To personalize an individual station, just hover your mouse over an album cover and give songs a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The station will catch on to your tastes as you go along.

And keep in mind, the 6-song-skips-per-hour limit is per station, so you can always switch to another station, if you like. :)

Have fun with your lace knitting! That's a skill I haven't added to my knitting repertoire yet. ;)

- Lucia, from Pandora

Michele / akkasha said...

Wow. Thanks for the insight Lucia! It is so great of you to reply.

I did discover the use of QuickMix. I like it. Though I decided to create my own station with my favorite artists. This way I would get an interesting mix of things I like and suggestions for new artists.

There are definitely some artists I am doing to need to pick up sometime.

It is a wonderful site. I am loving it!