Friday, March 21, 2008

Azalea Malabrigo Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl & Quickie Purse

Here is the start of my first knitted shawl. It is only 36 rows into it.

Azalea Malabrigo Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl - Start

It says to repeat the 8 row repeat until I have "added 21 repeats ( starting to count with the very first one on the tip of the shawl) end with a WS row!". So does that mean another 17? Given the pattern says it can be shorter or longer, I guess I will just see when I get there. I have plenty of yarn to do it.

Cast On:
March 19 2008

Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl by XXXX


US 5 / 3.75 mm Knitpicks Harmony

Malabrigo Yarn Lace in Azalea Colorway
Purchased on sale from Pick Up Sticks
Have 3 skeins, will work 1 skeins = 470.0 yards (429.8m) and see whether I want to do more.

I confess. I am not sure if the yarn works with the colorway. I think the colorway might be too busy for the shawl. But I do like it so far. So I think I will keep going.

This is my first lace project that isn't on socks. I admit I am a bit nervous about it. But also kinda excited.

I had to rip out the beginning at least 4-5 times to get it right. Also, I started off with the Knitpick Options metal size 6 needle. It was way too slippery. I switched to a size 5 Harmony wood needle as I don't have a size 6. It is definitely working better.

The Options were just too slick. Things kept sliding off and it wasn't really working well. I am glad I picked up the Harmony. Though does this mean I should pick up more of the Harmony needles...? Hmmmm.

The repeat isn't too bad. Though I confess I wish there was some way I could figure to use stitch markers to figure out the repeat. There are markers on each end as the pattern says, but I fear what will happen when this gets wider. If there is a mistake, it might be challenging to figure out what happened. And ripping out lace would be a nightmare. So I have to be careful.

I suspect lace knitting will get better at it with time. It is taking some getting used to lace yarn. It is much thinner.

I fear this won't be tv knitting. There is just too much going on with it to keep track.
I did find that I was able to knit without looking as much with the wrong side rows. But I still need to keep an eye on things. When I am not looking at my knitting it is because I can feel the yarn. With how thin the yarn is, that isn't likely to happen as easily.

It is definitely interesting. I am glad I am trying it. I hope I like the finished results. Though heaven knows it will be a long time before I figure out what they will be. *laugh*

Quickie Purse

I also decided to cast on a tiny purse from the Reader's Digest Complete Knitting Set. I did one for Ashley, my grand niece. (And no, I am not that old. I have nieces and nephews around my age.) Her aunt loved it and asked if I sold them. I said no, but I figured it would be nice to give it to someone who liked the piece. Mind you, Ashley barely opened her Xmas pressie of two purse I knit her. *shrugs* So the fact that someone else likes it encouraged me. *laugh* It is also super simple and very quick.

I have about half of it done already. Half the bag part is done. The cord takes a bit longer. The pattern says to just braid them. But I have a spool knitter that creates a very nice cord. Though I do wonder if there is a way with crochet to make a cord much quicker. Might have to check into that.

The kit came with acrylic. That didn't need blocking. But the wool definitely does!I figure I need to complete the bag part tonight so I can block it. Otherwise it won't dry in time.


Stephanie said...

You are venturing out into in charted (ha ha) territories for me. I am impressed! I have done plenty of lace socks but real lace scared the bejebbers out of me! All those charts. EEK! I will brave it soon though. I can't wait to watch your shawl progress :)

Alpaca Granny said...

Good for you for jumping right into the shawl. I love doing lace knitting but just simple stuff.

Michele / akkasha said...

Thanks for the comments on my being brave.

I have to point out that:

a) I picked a pattern with a 4 row repeat so if I wanted to make a kerchief, I could! Easy out helps with being brave. *grin*

b) did a simple lace pattern with the lines written out. I *suck* with charts. *laugh*

c) this may be the project that never gets completed as it will take a looooonnggg while. *laugh*

Jackie said...

I knitted that same lace leaf shawl. I think she did mean to do 17 more repeats from your picture. I thought it seemed small and added a couple of more repeats. It still came out small, but I think I could have stretch it more when I blocked it.

I learned a lot doing the project. It was my first shawl too. It is really lovely when it's finished. Have you finish it by now?

Michele / akkasha said...

Jackie, I hope you found my post of the completed shawl. I finished it recently.

The designer created it so it could be done with one skein of lace weight yarn. She freely says you can add more repeats to get it longer.

I did a total of 35 repeats. I think it was about 29" before blocking and close to 40" with blocking. But I think that depends largely on how much you pull it out as you block it. I wanted length but not much more width. So I know mine is a bit longer that it probably should have been. But I like it.