Friday, March 28, 2008

Azalea Malabrigo Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl - 10% Done

I figure I would like the shawl to be coming to touch my tush. This is about 25" on me. So I measured the repeats to see. And I think I need to do 30 repeats to get the length I want. Mind you, I might tweak that along the way in either direction, but that is my thought currently.

Azalea Malabrigo Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl - 10% Done

Cast On:
March 19 2008

Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl by XXXX


US 5 / 3.75 mm Knitpicks Harmony

Malabrigo Yarn Lace in Azalea Colorway
Purchased on sale from Pick Up Sticks
Have 3 skeins but I don't think it will take more than 1- 1 1/2 skeins.

I still feel the pattern is probably more busy than it should be for the yarn. But I also decided, I don't care. I like it. And that pattern is interesting enough that I am enjoying it. It looks good. And if I had to do this much stockinette in lace weight for a shawl, I would go batty! *laugh* So I will continue with it.

I like that it is only an eight row repeat. I definitely find the more I do it, the more I get used to it. So I am getting a bit faster with my knitting, though not as much as I would hope really. Because the yarn is very thin and there numerous k3 togethers, I have to look at the project. So really not ideal tv knitting. It hasn't stopped me sometimes, but only with shows where I know if I am not looking it won't be too bad. *grin*

Because I am a geek, I decided to figure out how long I had to knit before I was X% done. Because each repeat is getting more stitches, it was interesting to calculate it. Silly, I know. But I like having an idea of how far in I am. The funniest part is that if this is indeed 30 repeats, I am 10% done, despite having 11 repeats completed. *laugh* For the next 5-6 repeats, there is 5% more every other row or so, then it 5% for every repeat to the end.

I need to get something else on my needles. I am just debating what. I have the Scout's Swag Soctober colorway that is still begging for a pattern. I am holding off in hopes it will work for the April Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL. If I have some time today, I will take a look at the patterns available for the KAL.

I also need something super simple for my work conference. Last time I was working on a baby kimono for my niece. It was mostly stockinette with very basic shaping. So I could knit it without looking which is critical with conference. I have to be able to drop it any time to make notes. I suspect I can find something in that ilk that will work. Could always start prepping for next Xmas, right? *chuckle*

The plus side is that I have 5-6 hours of knitting on a plane on the trip out to AZ. So I am guessing I will get a nice chunk of the lace shawl done then. Woohoo.

Time to get some work done. This week has been kinda crazed. I am glad that I had Pandora radio on to keep me happy while working.


Di said...

I knew you had a knitting blog, but it wasn't part of my usual haunts. Now it will be.

Secretly I'm tickled pink that you've come so far. Who knew what I was getting you into!

Michele / akkasha said...

Thanks for getting me started! I am really glad you did.