Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Xmas Wish List

Last year Lime & Violet did an Xmas wish list. They posted one to their site this year too.

I have to admit, I only gave a quick glance to last year's as I just started listening to their podcasts a few months ago. But it seem like their isn't a lot listed this year. Or maybe I am just more knowledgeable about what I want now.

So, I guess I should just do my own holiday wish list. Problem with that theory is that Paul is probably the only person who might shop from it. And he said he doesn't want to buy me knitting stuff. I wish I understood *why* he didn't want to get me knitting stuff. As heaven knows I would love yarn for xmas. *shrugs*

The only other person who asked what I wanted was my sister-in-law Jennifer. I tend to be better about surprises. But I did tell her to look at my Amazon wish list. I have a lot of the books I want on that.

But I don't have anything else on there. Of course, now that I am looking, there are multiple sites that offer to create wish lists. *smile* Seems I might have to tinker with that. If for no other reason as I would like to easily find things I want to buy after xmas. *grin*

It seems there is a site called kaboodle.com that does wish lists. I have started playing with a wish list there.

I am sorely tempted to do The Seven Deadly Spins yarn club. I am going to write to see if they have any spots open. Maybe that can be my after xmas pressie to myself. *grin*

I should scoot... Maybe tomorrow will be calmer so I can actually post a bit.

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