Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Pathways Formulas Spreadsheet & Numbers

It seems that the mround function I used in the original spreadsheet does not work on some computers as it is an add on.

I would still suggest using the original one if you can:

I have removed mround from one version of the spreadsheet:

The original rounds to the nearest 1/2 #. The one without mrounding doesn't do that.

Though I have the negative ease numbers in there, it seems that according to Cat Bordhi on the Raverly board, the negative ease should be built in. She says if they are coming out too large, you measured the wrong part of the foot. She said the midfoot should be smaller than the ball of the foot. So I need to remeasure mine.

I still haven't settled on what I want to do from the book! I am tempted by the Jeweled Step pattern. But I really don't want my first pattern from the book to be one where I have to mirror the steps of the pattern. Though I do think it would look good in the Lisa Souza Mars Quakes I have. Hmmm... Suppose I could do the Wild Things first. But...but...but... *laugh*