Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yummy Yummy Yummy

I am sooooo happy! I just got the Lisa Souza yarn I ordered! *happy dance*

I had wanted to try one skein of Sock! and one of Sock Merino. However, she would have had to dye the Sock Merino in a colorway I want. So I just got two in the Sock yarn. She would have shipped it early this week. But I was impatience so I figured I would just get it sooner this way. *grin* And she was kind enough to swap it and sent it out the day I order it. Great customer service.

The Sock has some nylon which is supposed to help with longer wear & greater durability. So I am not complaining. *smile*

I got the Wild Things & Mars Quake colorways. The Wild Things is so much more yummy than the image shows. Someone made the Monkey socks in this colorway. Shows off the gorgeous colorway.

Mars Quake has more light bits in it than I had hoped. But it is still really pretty. I like the colors a lot. Again, Monkey socks with the colorway... *chuckle* Seems a popular pairing for the Lisa Souza sock yarn.

I really love the yarn. I think it is soft enough that I won't have any allergy issues. *crosses fingers* I really hope that the superwash wool will not set off my allergies.

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