Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Waaaahhhhh!!! Dracul Is Gone

I am very sad... Dracul is gone... *pout*

My dragon scarf is gone. I seem to have lost it on the way to work this morning... *grumblegrowlbitch*

There is some off chance that I lost it on the PATH train and someone will turn it in to lost & found. But that is pretty unlikely. I could have dropped it on the walk to or from the train as well. But it is raining. So if that is the case, I suspect it will be a felted mess anyhow.

This sucks...*sigh*

The good news is I have the pattern. So I can make a new one. But I am sad because it was first piece of three dimensional knitting... The first piece where I saw how stitches could really shape an object in ways I didn't expect.

Paul had me take it off when we went to the movies last night. He kept worrying I would lose it. He was right... *sigh*

I am so frustrated by it...


There is a tiny part of me holding out hope I will find him...but... I called Lost & Found. No one has turned it in. I will check back again later in the day... *sigh*

Here he is:

Morehouse Dragon Scarf Kit - Dragon Draped Over Chair

*sigh* Need to get work done. But man, this is not a good start to the day. Then I dropped my bowl with some oatmeal I was about to add water to. Got all over the place.

Think I should have stayed in bed today...


Terry said...

Here's hoping somebody found it and (having no idea how to return it) gifted someone with a lovely dragon scarf.

Knitting is all about the process - we love to knit, and use the things we knit, even if they get worn out or lost. that just means we get to knit more!

Alpaca Granny said...

How could you have lost him? her? It's not like he's a tiny little neutral colored piece of fluff....
Very handsome! Will you do another one?

Michele / akkasha said...

The scarf was too short for me. I did it from a kit so I didn't know if I would run out of yarn before I completed it. So I followed the pattern exactly. It had a tendency to slip off if I wasn't careful. My husband suggested pinning it to my coat. I should have listened.

(Mind you, I nearly always lose at least one glove a season, sometimes more. So I have a tendency to drop things and not notice.)

I will make another. And make that one longer (and probably wider).

The part that makes me most sad is that this was my first project where there was three dimensions to it. Before that I had only done some flat scarves and a baby sweater. So seeing what the stitches could do was amazing. Tht is a lot of the reason I will miss it so much. It is also the first project I blocked. The first time I did three needle bind off. Etc.

I would gladly make someone one of their own if they returned. It is more about my knitting history with that one. Not even so much about the piece. Though I do love it a lot, but a good deal of it is about what went into it rather than the item itself.