Friday, July 21, 2017

No SSK or Tour de Fleece This Year

When I logged into Facebook today & yesterday, there were pics from last year at SSK.  *pout*

I got into SSK again for this year.  I even sent the deposit.  But then some personal changes happened.  And I figured it was smarter not to attend this year.

For which, I am *very* grateful for now.  My family are closing on a house on the 26th.  Which is beyond awesome.  And I am thrilled.

But watching the Knit Girllls podcast & seeing things they are bringing to SSK has made me a little bit sad.  It was super awesome last year.  And getting a spot and not being able to go has been a bit tough. 

I know it has worked out for the best!  I am super thrilled about the house!  It is awesome.  But there is a little part of me sad that I won't be at SSK.  It was an amazing event.  And I also know that part of it is that I fear that may be the only year I get to go to SSK.

With the house comes costs...  Lots of costs.  So I doubt I will have money to do it for some time to come.  Maybe when the kids retire if the Knit Girllls are still doing it by some miracle!  *laugh*

I also didn't participate in Tour de Fleece.  I started participating in 2012 I think.  But it looks like I skipped 2013.  But have done it for the last three years.  So I am a bit sad I sat this one out.  But again, things have been too crazy with the house stuff.  This month has been inspections & documents galore.  So it really wasn't the time for it.

I also regret that my poor wheel really hasn't gotten any love at all this past year!!  I finished plying the double Bump from the TdF last year.  But after some trouble at SSK with the wheel I borrowed, I just needed some time away from the wheel.  And it kills me because of the awesome classes I took with Maggie Casey.  I *should* have been practicing the skills I learned.  But I didn't...

I will get back to my wheel.  I intend on making sure it has a good spot in the living room in the new house along with my loom.  They won't be traveling with the movers.  I am taking them both over.  I am debating if the Babe is coming with me or if it will go in the moving truck...  I think I will take it with the other two. 

I feel a bit bad for my Babe as it hasn't gotten any love since I got the Ladybug. I debated letting it go.  But I figure it is a good wheel if the kids want to learn to spin.  It is really forgiving & can take a beating!  *laugh*  I may put it in the den.  Kinda like the idea of wheels in multiple rooms.  Mind you, it may also get put in a closet like it is at my current apartment.

There is also a part of me that wonders if it wouldn't be better to let it go to a new home.  But I just can't let it go.  I keep hoping the kids will want to try spinning...

So while this has been a disappointing month for all things fiber, it is an exciting time for me.  It is my first home.  I have been living in apartments my entire adult life.  So that is awesome.  *smile*

I also learned that the lake clubhouse near the new house has a knitting & crochet group on Monday nights!!  It is especially awesome as I work from home on Mondays.  So I really hope to go there.  *fingers crossed* 

I really miss the Stitch & Bitch group at work.  When I moved to another building, I no longer had it.  And I miss it terribly...  The only group other than the work one was   when I first learned to knit, I met with some other Weight Watcher members in the area to knit together.  It was sometimes just me and the person who taught me to knit.  It would be awesome to have a knitting group.

The woman with the lake association says they do a lot of charity knitting & love wine.  Given I am not a wine gal, I am hoping they are okay with me drinking craft beer...*laugh*  Mind you, not having been to the lake clubhouse, who knows what they carry for beer.  Probably macros.  But you never know these days!

So while there have been some disappointments on the fiber front.  There may be some awesome to come.  *fingers crossed*

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