Monday, July 25, 2016

So...Here's What Happens When You Go Away on a Knitting Retreat with Plying on the Wheel...

What Happens When You Leave Spinning on the Wheel with Two Littles


So I was trying to finish plying my Double Loop Bump singles for Tour de Fleece.  Didn't happen.  So I had to leave my wheel while I was away at SSK, a four day knitting retreat.

This is what I found upon my return.

Bad enough that there is an Adventure Person stuck in the orifice.  (I thought it was a LUke Skywalker figure.)

But worse, there was yarn twisted around the clogs of the Woolee Winder! 

Luckily, no yarn was harmed.  There isn't oil at that end.  So it was unscathed. 

Welcome home!

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ten said...

She looks like she's trying to help!