Monday, December 2, 2013

KAL - Two Socks in a Week

I can't believe it has been 11 months since I posted here!!  *shakes head*  You should see the amount of posts I started & never finished.  Or maybe you really shouldn't...  *blush*

I will keep this short to make sure it actually gets posted!

The wonderful woman who taught me to knit, posted about a KAL in her blog.

The KAL post is here:

Project Week runs from Dec. 29 - Jan 5.  Though as the author points out, that is in fact 8 days.  Works for me.

I am terribly sad as three pairs of socks have died on me within the past two months!  Two were out of Tri'Cotrie.  So while I adore her yarn, I think that any remaining TriC yarn will not go anywhere near my feet.  *sigh*

Last winter I had at least two other pairs of socks die.  So I desperately need socks. 

I have a pair on the needles along with a sweater for DH & fingerless mitts for me.  The home office is frigid!  I need them most of all.  And DH's sweater is from *last year's* goals!  *laugh*

Worth trying to bang out a pair!

(Edited to add active links.  Kinda thought posting it would do that!)

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ten said...

Just be glad your daughter isn't old enough to walk off with the socks you just finished.

Just sayin'. My toes are still cold.