Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

I am cross posting this to my personal & knitting journals.  I like that the goals are mixed and think it helps.

- Finish the Maeve socks
Yes. I said it.  *gulp*  But I really want to get them off the WIPs list!  And they will look incredible.  And no, that doesn't mean make them ankle length.  *laugh*  They are already ankle length.  So binding them off doesn't count.  *grin*

- Have at least five dates with my DH
Hey, time to up the anty.  We need the time out together.  Our 10th anniversary is this year.  We need to do something special.  I really want to figure out a way to get a night alone without the kids for our anniversary in April.  It is critical that we get some time together without the Littles.  I love them.  But we also really need some time for us.

- Get more activity into my routine

I am hoping that when the nicer weather returns we can do more of this as a family.  I am also hoping maybe I can find some Wii games that I like that will enable me to work out more at home.  Since I have been approved for two days working from home again for 2013, I need to take advantage of that.  I am thinking that sometimes that needs to be me taking an actual lunch hour & working out during that time.

- Lose weight in a healthy manner
I need to get serious about losing weight.  Not just making half hearted attempts.  *sigh*  This one is rough.  I don't know if the answer is going back to Weight Watchers again or trying something new.  I know WW works.  And looking for something new requires time & energy I don't have.

With the merger stuff, I also need to be prepared if I get laid off.  I don't want to think about it, but I need to be realistic about it.  And there is a whole lot of biased against fat people.  It is one of the last remaining prejudges that is not only socially acceptable but in fact actively cultivated.

I am not at a healthy weight currently.  And I really need to keep up with the kids.  That will only get more true as they get older.  And if I am not moving, they aren't going to move much over time as well.  So it is very critical to make this a priority for the coming year.

- Get any buttons or beads on finished WIPs within four months of finishing the knitting portion
It felt good to not see so many items lingering in my WIPs that are waiting for buttons.  I still have the elastic issue for the dress for DD.  But otherwise my WIPs are just that *in progress*.  That feels much better than having them linger.  I was going to say two months.  But I know sometimes it takes a bit longer to *find* affordable buttons.  I have some lovely singleton or pairs of buttons.  However, I really don't have a sweater's worth even for the littles lying around.  So it takes time to find ones that won't break the bank.

- Get out solo and/or have an evening with a friendI would really like some solo time.  I also think this could include getting to one of the fiber fests.  I was sick for Maryland S&W and then too broke to make the trip to Rhinebeck (which of course came after a bout of illness tore through the house too so I was exhausted anyhow.)  So I really want to make one of the fiber fests this year.  *crosses fingers*  I really miss going.  *sigh*

- Sleep training with DSI won't go into this insanity.  But suffice it to say, it should have been done already... *sigh*

I think that is plenty for the coming year.  *sighs*  Feeling like there is too much when I look at the list.  That doesn't include the things I need to have happen in prep for the possible/impending merger.  I want to say I feel confident it will all be okay.  But it is all one big question mark.  And I don't know what I can do other than prepare what I can... *crosses fingers it all goes well* 

Frankly, I am current just hoping to be employed this time next year...

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Jamie said...

Good goals!

The losing weight and getting fit goal is one of mine, too. I want to set a good example for my kids. It isn't about being thin, etc., but being healthy and active. And, possibly, being healthy enough to be as active as I want to be, not being limited because I'm to tired to get up and move. Hopefully, that will include weight loss. lol

Knitting goals. Hmph. I'd like to finish of some UFOs, and then I'd like to master a new skill, like colorwork. We'll see how that works out.