Wednesday, October 10, 2012

0 for 3

Ugggh.  I swear I have to stop casting on new projects.  I am 0 for 3 on finishing the last projects I cast on.  *sigh*

First was the Peek-a-Boo Shawl (though given the amount of yarn I had it is more a shawlette/neck wrap.)  I cast on in the amazing Reavers colorway from Fresh from the Cauldron.  I kinda knew with one could be an issue.  But it is a gradient that goes to black.  So I really figured I would just have some DK weight yarn around to finish it up.  Nope.  No black DK.  Considered doubling over some fingering to cast it off.  Nope.  Can't find any yarn that would work.  So I need to order some black DK weight yarn.  That was August.

Then came the gorgeous Tri'Coterie Sock BFL Silky in the Cinna colorway.  Another stunning gradient yarn.  So beautiful.  And a semi-circle shawl was what it was crying out to be.  I picked the Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise.  Checked to make sure it could be done with the 650+ yards I had.  Looked promising.  6 rows & the cast off shy of done.  *sigh*

I had hoped to order some more Sock BFL Silky in black from the amazing Maylin at Tri'Coterie.  She custom dyes colorways each month.  And low & behold, Sept. was all black colorways!  My month if ever there was one.  Problem came that the Sock BFL Silky yarn she has comes in the large skeins (150 grams).  Maylin was super sweet.  Even offered to do one of her other colorways on part & 50 grams in black.  But to be honest, while I liked the Sock BFL Silky, it was a bit more splitty than her regular silk blend base.  So I decided to skip it.  So have to order some black fingering, preferable a silk blend.  And not sure it will work really.  *sigh*  Another project in limbo.

A coworker is having a baby in Nov..  So I am thinking I can whip up a little baby sweater in no time flat.  Ummmm.  You would think that.  But silly me, I decided to use the skein of Alchemy Juniper I have.  I got it from The Loopy Ewe when I was putting together an order.  I thought $17 was a good price for a single skein.  It was.  Because it was only 50 grams.  But I checked.  There are 25 people who say they knit it with 180-220 yards of fingering yarn.  So it should have worked.  Not for me.  *sigh*

*bangs head against desk*  I really just am not having any luck.  I have gone back to a pair of socks that stopped working on so I could participate in a KAL.  I am hoping they are a win for me.  I am at the heel turn.  They are actually cuff-down which I haven't done in eons.  I knit all my socks toe-up to avoid these issues.  *sigh* 

Though I did say when I started them that worst thing that could happen is I knit the toes in a coordinating color is I run out.  And given the toes would be inside the shoes, who cares?

I don't have a clue what to do about the baby sweater.  *sigh*  I know my coworker would be none the wiser if I don't knit her something.  We aren't even that close.  But I thought she would appreciate it.  I have no interested in spending another $17 for another skein.  I confess that while it is a lovely colorway, it isn't *that* lovely in my opinion.

I have been reading on unraveling the cast on edge.  But it sounds like more trouble than it is worth.  And it also might just be that the sweater would be too short to be useful.  I was about 3/4" over on the sweater body.  I should have ripped back.  But I hate frogging work.  *sigh*  Ah well.

I don't think it helps that I have some sort of plague.  DD got it first, then me, then the Little Guy.  We are all fighting it off.  So I spent most of the weekend just wanting to curl up into a little ball. And it was a long weekend.  Sometimes even knitting the baby sweater was too much thought.

I need to find some more self-striping yarn.  I should become more of a fan of the vanilla socks.  I always decide I need to do something more with them.  Though I think sometimes a whole lot of knit stitches is just what a gal needs to relax.

Funny bit today.  I was in a meeting and one of my coworkers had a Ravelry mug.  *laugh*  Kinda surprised me as I didn't really picture her as the knitting type.  Though she did say she only got into it about a year ago to share something in common with her mom. 

Best get some work done. I am hoping to catch an early train home as I am not feeling great.  Rather not be shoved up against more people and catch something else.

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