Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cranky Cat

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As the name suggests, this is a lot of crankiness.  So please ignore at will.  *grin* 

I am a super cranky cat.  I know I shouldn't be.  But I am.

I am sick of pain.  I went to get the crown started on my recent root canal.  The dentist was training a new assistant.  Okay. 

Won't bore you with all the details of how much of a headache it was to get an answer about how much this would cost.  But when I arrived, they said there was another $120 for a temp crown to add to the insane costs already.  This is with insurance.  I hate to think what this would cost without it!

So during the procedure, the dentist says it may require a crown lengthening.  Which of cost would add to the cost.  Fabulous.  He said he would let me know as he got further along.  *sigh*

Won't bore you with all the details.  But he said it was more involved because of the depth of the root canal.  In the end, he said he wasn't going to do the lengthening but there was a small margin with it.  Whatever that means.

At the end of the two hour procedure, he tells me my mouth will be sore for 5-6 days.  What?!  A root canal, sure.  But the crown?  He says there is a 'nick' in my mouth.  So eating might be a bit painful.  He said I would definitely need some pain relief.  Excuse me?  He acted like it was completely normal.  *blink*  I have had a lot of dental work done.  I haven't had a 'nick' before.

When I got home, I saw that in the bottom of my mouth there was a huge lump.  It seems the nick formed a bump around it.  There are also sore bits on the side of the mouth & top.  Marvelous...  *sigh*

The thing is the dentist actually seems good.  Which is why I am so annoyed by it. 

A large part of this is that I am tired of being in pain.  There was the root canal. Then there is the cold/flu crud that has been running through the household now the crown.  The kids are cranky from the cold/flu too.  Little Guy is coughing tons.  Eldest Munchkin seems to have finally shaken it for the most part.  But just... 

On top of this, the cat had to go into the vet last Saturday.  He had a spot on his back that looked like he had scraped it.  The fur around it was missing.  I figured he had scraped it somehow.  Cleaned it out.  Figured it was fine.  But then there was another spot near his mouth.  *sigh*  So he went into the vet.  They weren't sure what it was.  But nearly $300 later, he got a topical ointment & pills.  Oh joy.  Pilling a cat.  And as if that isn't entertaining enough, he also is supposed to take half pills.  Getting a whole pill into him is challenging enough.  But a half pill?!!  *sigh*

And today in New York Sheep & Wool.  And after all these costs, guess who isn't going?  Again.  I haven't gone since 2009.  I really thought I would go this year.  I really thought I was going solo so it would mean a little break from everything.  I love my family.  And heaven knows DH needs the break more given that he has been having to deal with a houseful of sick critters.  But I sooooo wanted to go.

I miss it.  I miss getting to go to fiber events.  And I really was hoping to score a Bullseye Bump from Loop.  I love her fiber.  But alas.

I am just feeling grumpy and sore.  I just want to curl up and do whatever I want.  But with two kids here, it is more kid friendly fare if the tv goes on. *sigh*  I am so sick of kid friendly tv & movies.  *sigh*

I think part of this is I just want some me time.  And that isn't gonna happen.  I love my kids.  Don't get me wrong.  But sometimes a break would be nice.

See above.  I feel bad for poor DH who hasn't gotten it either.  He could use it just as much as I could if not maybe more given he doesn't have a commute to work where he can do things.  Though he does make sure to make time.  He has been playing games when the kids are sleeping & reading when they are doing other things.  I wish I were able to read while the tv was on.  But I can't.  Same as I can't listen to music while reading.  It doesn't work for me.

Part of me really just wants to cast on something new.  But I feel like there is way too much nearly finished.  I also just got buttons for a sweater that is knit for Elder Munchkin.  And I got the book & needles to start a sweater fro I have been promising him since 2009.  Yes, really, that long ago.  I also got yarn to finish two nearly done items.  I am about 10 rows left of the toes of socks left.  They can be done today.

Yet all of it is leaving me cold.  I have knit on the socks some.  But the thought of weaving in ends...  *shudders*

The siren call of the new is calling me.  Of course if I knew what should be on the needles next, it probably would be there.  But alas...  I don't have a clue.  I have been thinking about it for about a week now.  Looking at yarn & patterns.  Yet nothing is saying "me me!"

Think it is time to just go be grumpy with the family.  Little Guy is a major grump, clearly not feeling well.  Elder Munchkin is finally feeling a bit better.  But LG was screaming and EM didn't go down for her nap.  So she is in great form... *sigh*  I should go relieve DH.

Think I am gonna be shitty mom & let them watch some tv so DH & I can at least take a little break.  I know DH.  He will probably come in to the office & play a game.  I will try to push through with one of the WIPs...

Or I will get on toe Ravelry and decide on something to cast on.  Have to see which way it goes...

I really hope Sunday is better.  But I have a feeling I will be in even more of a funk as that is when I figured I would go to Rhinebeck.  We shall see.

LG is crying.  Think it might be time to call the pediatrician again if they are still open.  Both kids were just there Thursday.  So i really don't want to go again.  We are all on antibiotics.  I don't know what else they can do for either kid.

*sigh*  Enough wallowing.  Time to get on with it.

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