Monday, July 9, 2012

Tour de Fleece Update

Quickie update.

I didn't spin on Saturday.  I was in the car for three hours.  Then I was at a party & by evening, I was so beat it just wasn't happening.  I supposed technically I didn't spin on Friday but Saturday as I was spinning at 1 am.  No, I didn't stay up to spin.  I was working.  Sad as that is...

I have spin:
5 oz Loop Bullseye Bump - Still a single. Hoping to ply it tonight.
2 of 4 oz of the Dyeing for Colour Edge of the Universe 
1/4 oz tops of Cloverleaf Farms Silk - On my spindle so I don't honestly know if I will finish that for the TdF. 

I spun with my spindle some on Friday & Sunday.  That is when I am unable to use my wheel or waiting for something on my computer to finish processing.

I am feeling good about my progress.  Since I took a rest day Saturday, I am thinking I will spin on the rest day tomorrow.  We shall see.

Tons to do, but I wanted to check in.

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