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My wonderful SIL emailed about the whole Ravelmpics debacle.

Here is the post with the original letter:

US Olympic Committee Response:

The Yarn Harlot's Response:

Bloomberg News Article (better balanced than I would have expected):

I finally got around to The Yarn Harlot's post today.  I usually agree with her.  And I think her points are well made.  But they are too nice.  Though I was glad to see her point out that the folks at Ravelry are nice, but they are the altruistic beings that many people want to say they are.  Ravelry has become a business.  And the users really should be more aware of that.

My main issue is the bs response by the USOC after things hit the fan. Come off it.  There is no universe where that is a standard cease & desist letter.  At best, Sandusky is an idiot who didn't read the original C&D letter.  Or at worst a liar who is trying to appease a large group of people who are pissed off about what was said.  Either way, not good.

Also, really?  Send the USOC knit items?!  Why would anyone do that who cares about their knitting?!   *shakes head*

I have to ask, how can the US have a monopoly on the term Olympics?  But we come back to moronic copyright law.  The Olympics as an organization have been around since 1894 when the International Olympic Committee was formed.  So please...  *shakes head*

If the USOC was the picture of altruism they are trying to claim, I would get it.  But they aren't.  Like so much Olympics related, they aren't pure.  So to try to belittle others when your own record isn't so clean...*shrugs*

At their base, they do some very good things.  But not without their own self-interests at heart.  And like so many large organizations, their bureaucracy wants to make more money for itself.  (Same reasons I won't support anything involving the Susan G. Komen nightmare.  *growls*  Good piece about it.  When the buracracy cares more about sustaining itself than doing good, it is time to move along.)

The board for the Ravelympics is having a poll to decide on a new name.  So they are dealing with the issue so the owners of Ravelry don't have to.  Great.  Avoids the legal headaches.  Don't blame them to pull out of a loosing fight.  But it is also a bit frustrating.)

I confess the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth.  I know it isn't the athletes fault that this happened.  But it doesn't make me want to watch the games much.  Mind you, given the games are in London, it isn't as if I am going to be watching them live anyhow.  So I was already going to be skipping commercials a good deal. But now I am certain I won't watch them if I don't record them so I make certain to skip the commercials.  (A lot of the On Demand disables fast forward.)

There is also leftover negative feelings about the last summer Olympics.  I am still astounded about the hosting the games in a repressive regime who does not embody the ideals of the Olympics in the slightest.  And then having girls who were clearly of questionable age participating.  It made me sad.  I am hopeful that these games won't have the same feeling.  But it is anyone's guess...  I think I still have a negative feeling over the 2002 ice skating debacle which messed up a lot of the beauty of ice skating with the new judging system.

I don't honestly know how I feel about the Ravelympics as a whole.  I will probably still participate.  I have been looking forward to it.  But honestly, I may just use up my energies on the Tour de Fleece.  That was a strong possibility even before all of this happened.

All I can do is see where I am at when July 27th rolls around. Mind you, the TdF ends July 22nd.  So that is only 5 days apart.  It just may not be enough of a break to focus on something else time consuming.

We will be up in the Adirondacks for the opening ceremony.  There is a chance we will watch them, but even more likely we won't.  (I confess I still find it strange that there is net access up there.  I try to limit my use of it and not plug in.  DH won't miss his morning funnies when we are there.  *laugh*  Mind you, he actually gets to read them while we are there unlike some days at home.)

Of course, the Tour de Fleece relies on my knee deciding to cooperate.  It has been acting up at off times since I fell about a month ago.  It will be fine for days and then suddenly it feels like the knee cap has slid sideways a bit and doesn't want to move right.  Whee... (Of course today is one of those days just to remind me. *grumblegrowl*)

I checked and for 2010, Eldest Munchkin was just four months old.  I worked on Olivia the Swamp Dragon.  I did complete the knitting during the Olympics.  Though the finishing work was done post-Olympics.

I talked myself out of crazy town.  Somewhere in my head I started to consider that I might knit DH sweater *during the yet-to-be-renamed-Ravelympic*.  Luckily, I talked myself out of the crazy in an email to Silvercat.  Of course, that leaves me wondering what I might knit...  Still actually debating trying one of the lovely EZ tribute half-circle shawls.  But we come back to Crazytown!  Maybe socks or a shawlette...  We can see.

If I could resist casting it on, I would go with the Haruni in the Nightfall yarn.  But I really think the minute I finish my socks (which are nearly done - working on the ribbing and they are toe-up), the shawl may be going on my needles.  *smile*  Also thinking the Scylla socks in  Tri'Coterie's self-striping yarn in the Siouxsie need to go on my needles next.  Though I also need to finish my Lady Bianca Socks.  So many choices.  So little time!

Best to get some more work done.  I am behind on things at work due to computer issues.  *sigh*  Ah well.

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