Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I Love the Yarn Harlot...

Wow.  That is soooo me lately!  I want to be doing anything but work and have piles of it.  I want to go crazy with yarn purchases I really shouldn't make. 

Yep.  That is sooo me.  (The best pic I can find that I have of my goth days...and this was outdoors in Belgium.  So certainly not a my full gothdom.  I need to scan some of those.  Though there are actually some on Facebook of all place.  This one is particularly fitting...a cemetery at night...  *laugh*)

Mind you, I really was there in the black clothes and all.  Though listen to actual goth music not some wannabes.  (I had to look up Fall Out Boy as I had never heard of them... *laugh*)

Definitely makes me happy to know I am so not alone on having that inner voice of a teenager when it comes to knitting.

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