Monday, March 26, 2012

Festive Fall Vest for DS

Here is a Ravelry link to the project.

As per usual, I can't get pictures to do the yarn justice.  Though Little Guy's adorable face should make up for that.  *smirk*  Yes, I am a biased mommy...  Why do you ask?  *laugh*

Little Guy in Chris Woven Yoke Sweater

There are a bunch more pics on Flickr.  I just posted the one I liked best of LG.  *laugh*

Pattern:#407 Chris Woven Yoke Vest by Schaefer Design
From the 2012 Knitting Calendar

Made for:DS Will

Size:12-18 Months

Needles:US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm

Fresh From the Cauldron MCN Worsted in Ares Colorway
About 1 skeins = 185.0 yards (169.2m)
Purchased at:
Fresh From The Cauldron
Purchase date:
May 2, 2011

I love the Ares colorway by Fresh from the Cauldron and wanted to make something for the Little Guy with it.  The colors scream fall though I don't know if it will be big enough for him to wear come fall. 

I have been watching to the Round the Twist videocast.  Carin, the host, has deemed 2012 the year of the sweater and has invited others to KAL with her.  I decided I wanted to push myself.  So one of my 2012 goals is to knit four sweaters.  One for DH, DS, DD and DD's 18" doll.  This is the first sweater done.  And certainly not too soon!  I fear it probably won't fit him next year.  But it fits him perfectly.  And luckily the temperatures have dropped so he might get a few wearings out of it.  *crosses fingers*

I tried to use this for another vest that just kept going horribly wrong.  So I frogged it. 

I kept praying that there is enough yarn to finish the vest.  Problem was that is says 1 skein of Chris which is 220 yards.  FFtC is 185 yards.  *gulp*  Luckily some amazing folks offered to share their Ares, so I could have finished it.  Hooray for knitters.

It came out wonderfully.  It looks adorable.  And just in time too.  The vest will probably only fit for the rest of the spring.  *sigh*  But I might have to take up an offer to buy some Ares and make another one in a bigger size as I have a bit left from the 12-18 size.

I love the Chris yarn too.  So I might have to get a couple skeins and make a larger one at a later date!

I also really need to take pics of my socks.  They were another 2012 goal I have met.  They look wonderful, but I haven't photographed them or worn them yet.  I really should since the lovely FftC folks are having a 2012 KAL that ends in April.  I keep debating if I could actually finish another object for that one.  I don't know...but it is tempting to try!  I have long been debating making a Clapotis with some FftC yarn.  Thoughts?  Crazy to think I can complete that in a month with everything else on the table...  But I think it is a quick knit by most accounts.

On the 2012 goals, I also have done some spinning!  Woohoo!  I have the Bullseye Bump I got on my wheel.  I have only done about a half ounce to an ounce tops.  But it is lovely.  Again, I should take some pics.  I had high hopes of getting some spinning in last night.  But Little Guy is sick and was fussy most of the evening.  So there wasn't a chance to pull out the wheel.  *pout*

Also, because Little Guy was sick, I didn't get to do a bunch of car knitting.  That was my hope.  I wish he wasn't a drippy mess.  He was miserable on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  But luckily, he is doing better today.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will mean he is back to 100% okay.  *crosses fingers*  I am sure the sweater helped him feel better.  How can you not when you look so dapper?  *grin*

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