Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Skill Learned for Merry Cardigan

It is amazing. An actual blog post for my knitting blog. Will it actually happen or will I write half a message and abandon it? One can never tell.

I am proud to say I learned a new skill. Using kitchner in pattern. Woohoo. I feel so proud.

The Cardigan for My Hobbit Elanor sweater is nearly completed. The challenge was to graft the top of the hood together where there was cables. I had never done that before.

But after some searching online and using the noggin, I figured how.

First time through a knit stitch is a purl, second time through is a knit.
For a purl stitch, it is the exact opposite.
First time through to purl is a knit, second time through is a purl.

Took some focus, but it worked!

The hood looks good. Though the end of the cable probably wasn't the best place to send it. It looks a bit different. But honestly, no one other than a knitter will probably notice. I think it looks good. I need to take pictures of that and the half dozen other items I have knit in the past few months! *laugh*

So it is good to go except... It all comes down to everything is done except the *&#@ buttons! (And the i-cord for said buttons.) *sigh* Buttons are the bane of my knitting existence! I even *own* the buttons. I bought four little wooden toggle buttons at Walmart ages ago. It will look good with the sweater. But of course, do you think I can find them?? Nope.

I have to drive into the mess that some decade is supposed to be the guest/craft room. But it may also end up being a room for Elanor or the baby boy due in March. We are going to have to see if they can share a room for a while. DH and his sister shared a room and he said they were sad when they got split up. So I figure we can see if having them in the same room works. It will depend on what sort of sleeper he is since she isn't great. Just have to see when the time comes. (Though I don't even want to think about what we do with all the craft stuff if we do have to use that room for one of the kids!)

Franklin Habit has summed up the day I fear most in Elanor's growth...


I am happy to report I am taking off this Monday and the 20th through the New Year! It should give me some knitting time. (The next two Mondays I am watching DD as DH has to see clients. But otherwise there is some free time. Woohoo.) I am also hoping that DH will work with me to get what I told him I want for this Christmas. The rest of the apartment unpacked!! *grin* That would be the best present this year! Even better than *gasp* fiber! But then again, it would enable me to actually *find* the fiber I actually own. And maybe, just maybe, I could actually blow the dust off my spinning wheel that has accumulated since DD was born. Just in time for more to accumulate for DS. But hey, even a little spinning time would be nice. Been sooo very long. 14 months at least. *grin*

Okay. I have way too much work to get done to write more. Time to get to it!

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