Friday, October 15, 2010

No Rhinebeck This Year

I am seriously bummed. *sigh* No Rhinebeck aka NY Sheep & Wool for me this year... *sniffle*

I got a sore throat, some congestion and a little bit of a runny nose late Weds. I really thought it was just the seasonal allergies given the change in weather. But it got worse yesterday. And even more full blow as the day progressed. Definitely not happy. *sigh*

Last year I missed Rhinebeck as DD was only a month old. So there was no way we were going. I was really looking forward to this year. But alas... *grumblegrowl*

I did make Maryland S&W this year for the first time. I am hoping this isn't some thing about only one fiber fest a year. *laugh*

On the plus side, in preparing to go to Rhinebeck, I did some searching through the mass of boxes that are the craft room/guest room. I *finally* found the Cardigan for Merry sweater (sorry Ravelry link) I had put somewhere safe. *laugh* Along with the yarn for the Flora Dress. So there are two WIP I hope to finish before DD outgrows them. The dress I made big as I figured it was for next summer. But the cardigan is for this winter. So I am hoping to actually finish it before she outgrows it.

I am nearly done with the Aviatrix Hat (again Ravelry link). I wanted to finish this for tomorrow as they are having a contest/drawing for people who get their pic taken with it at Rhinebeck. Ah well. It is still an adorable hat and will look cute on Elanor. Think the ear flaps will help it stay on which is a plus.

I really need to get some pics taken of FOs. It is kinda sad when I look at my Ravelry projects. There are sooo many without photos. But having a one year old in the house slows these things down. *laugh*

I also need to block the Traveling Woman shawlette. It looks beautiful, though as I feared, it isn't very long. I think I should have used larger needles. I am hoping to block some more length out of it. But I am not sure that will happen. The lace pattern was very simple repeats so I was able to work it up pretty quickly. (Okay. Quickly for me. About 2 1/2-3 weeks.) It looks beautiful and I think it really shows off the gorgeous yarn from Fresh from the Cauldron. It is the Tara Thornton colorway in Silk Sock (70% merino/30% silk). Yummy. I didn't take a pic of it, but here is someone else's that looks very close to mine.

Given I will be home all weekend, maybe I will be able to track down my blocking mats & pins. *crosses fingers* Though I *really* wish I were wearing it to Rhinebeck tomorrow as planned. Enough moping.

Think it is time to curl up on the couch with some tea and knit. That will help me feel better.

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