Friday, December 12, 2008

Xmas Wish List

@(#*!! *sigh*

I had a post I started yesterday. My puter locked up on of the programs I was working in. So I needed to reboot. And apparently save now only saves it while the browser window is open. *grumblegrowl* Ah well

Things are a zoo at work. I really have been overworked and majorly stressed. So toying with things I want for my wish list is a nice momentary diversion. I need something to keep me relatively sane at the moment!

I know I am not getting this stuff. But hey, I figure it is always nice ideas for my hubby for our anniversary or my birthday. *grin* Though a lot of these are pie in the sky dreams! *grin*

Spinning Wheel

I know I know. I really thought that people with more than one wheel had more money than was reasonable. *laugh* But I can see the appeal. Also, the wonderful Nels at Babe created a new wheel design *after* I purchased mine. The lovely Production Double Treadle with Flyer Lead. The flyer lead offers more control than the one I have currently with is bobbin lead. However, there is a Flyer Lead Conversion Kit ....hmmmm. More reasonable indeed and doesn't require a new wheel.

Not that I don't want a new wheel. I have drooled over some of them. I love the hand carved ones by Golding. *sighs* But not in this lifetime unless someone gives me a lot of money. Though there are ones that are closer to reality. *grin* The Schacht Ladybug looks appealing. Though in reality I should *try* a wheel before buying anyone. But hey, if a nice spinning wheel appeared and needed a good home, I wouldn't discriminate. *grin*

Drum Carder

Yep. Still pie in the sky talk here. *grin* I would love to be able to blend my own fibers. And hey, I want to be able to do a whole batch at once of course. *laugh* Okay. So I am lazy as well as greedy.

Fiber Of Course

So many lovely fibers. Mmmmm... There are so many yummy ones on my etsy wishlist. And then there is my Loopy Ewe wishlist. *grin* Not to mention so many luscious ones available elsewhere. Always willing to try out new ones. *grin*

Yarn of Course

See above. There are also lots of other folks I want to try. I want to get some sock yarn from Cables and Lace. I adore their colorways. So yummy. Given you have seen my tastes in colors, you probably have an idea which ones I need. *grin* So many other vendors I want to try too. Too little time to list them all today. *grin*

Orifice Hook by RainyDaysWoolyDogs

If the Jack Skellington orifice hook is still available after Xmas, it is sooo mine! Though of course, that got me thinking about other things that I am betting Stephanie could do. *grin* I thought about one with Death from Sandman. But then I recalled what happened when I tried to call my wheel Morpheus and how it didn't like that at all. So perhaps getting Death too close to that might be a bad idea. *grin* Though the wheel's name is Door from Gaiman's Neverwinter. So they would be distance cousins in a way. *chuckle*

Knitpicks Harmony Needle Set

I know, I know. I have the Options. But don't certain yarns require something more grippy? *grin* Actually, I have started buy these in the sizes I use regularly.

Knitting Software

I didn't think of this one yesterday. So of course Knitpicks sent a lovely reminder today. Knitting software. I think I would most like the sweater one. Funny given I have yet to actually make an adult size sweater. *laugh* But it speaks to the geek in me. Though the sock & stitch ones also look very cool. In reality though, I would like to see a demo of these before I would spend the money. The charting one could just be a more expensice version of Knitpro which works really well. And I kinda wonder if the sock one would be all that useful.

Spinning & Knitting Books

Yes. I know I have a lot already. But I want more. *grin* I have read mixed reviews of Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning. Love or hate the guy, people seem to agree it is a good reference book. Of course, there are oodles of goodies on my Amazon wishlist.

Enough dreaming for now. I am sure I could add more. Time for me to get back to work! I would like to get home before 9 tonight (which has been my average time leaving the office this week. *sigh*)

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