Monday, December 15, 2008

Cabled Cardigan for Littlest George

Cabled Cardigan for Littlest George

Cast On:

November 15 2008

Finished All but Buttons:

November 23 2008


December 3 2008


Seed Stitch Cardigan by Sarah Hoadley

Pattern used as a base, but modified a good deal

Made for:

Denny / George III


3 yrs


US 7 / 4.5 mm & US 8 / 5.0 mm Knitpick Options


Bernat Silky Soft

1.4 skeins = 385.0 yards (352.0m) in 135 - Navy


0.3 skeins = 82.5 yards (75.4m) in 00387 - Charcoal

Purchased at Smiley's Yarns sale in NJ

I took the pattern as a starting point but didn’t use the seed stitch pattern on the body. I have modified it a good deal to fit with what I wanted to create.

I did the edging in grey & the body in navy. I chose to do a rib at the cuffs and bottom edge with the size 7 needles. The body was done with the size 8s.

I wanted an even # of stitches on the back so I increased it by 1. I figured that wouldn’t make a difference in terms of size.

I decided on a claw cable with a reverse stockinette background highlight it. The cable is a very simple repeat with only 1 of the 8 rows requiring anything other than knit or purl for all the stitches in the row. Simple was important as I knew I would be knitting a lot of this while at my work conference. So it involved a lot of knitting under the table.

I hope it fits the recipient. It looks kinda small. But the measurements are the 3 year old ones. And I measured it. It is supposed to fit. The kid is only two, but I made the larger size just in case.

I like it. Just hope the kid actually gets to wear it.

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