Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Okay... Maybe I Am Crazy...


I decided to sign up for the Tour de Fleece.

Basically, the point is to spin every day of the Tour de France. That means July 5th though the 27th. There are two days of rest just like the real one.

The nice thing is that there isn't set requirements. It isn't do X numbers of hours or yards or ounces. It is about challenging yourself.

I did write the group moderator on the Ravelry group to ask if missing days was okay. I will probably be in the Adirondacks when it begins. I can't commit to do anything while I am up there. I will try to make an effort to do something (bring my spindle and some fiber). But I won't commit to it by any means. The point of being up there is to relax and do whatever I want. I refuse to commit to schedules or anything when I am there.

So I signed up! *shake head* Ah well. There isn't any sort of elimination or such like Sock Wars. So it is just focusing on spinning. I probably would be anyhow, right? *chuckle*

I found another one earlier in the day. It is a smaller group that is devoted to stash busting. Given I do not have a fiber stash yet, that didn't make sense to me. But this one is the larger one with a Ravelry presence.

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