Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Handpainted Yarns

I dyed this yarn I bought as blank skeins from Dharmafey. It is a Superwash/Bamboo/Nylon blend.

I did two batches. Both were handpainted with Dharma fiber reactive dyes with vinegar as the agent mixed with the chemical water. I let it sit around 20 hours then steam set them.

Black Orchid

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I wanted something dark and rich. I love the Raven colorways from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. But after their Atomic 6 colorway fading so badly that it isn't even the same colors, I am unwilling to buy more of their yarn. So I figured why not dye a colorway similar but yet my own.

There are four dyes - black as well as deep purple, burgundy & fire red all mixed with varying amounts of black.

I really like the way this colorway came out. I think it will look wonderful in socks.

The name is inspired by the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean.


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This batch was dyed for my friend Meredith. She said she really just wanted brown & black. So that is what I did. Pretty simple. It is two different concentrations of chocolate brown & black (same black as the Black Orchid).

I think it came out well and hope she will like it.

Because of the Superwash/Bamboo/Nylon blend, there is a shimmer to the yarn. It looks wonderful. I need to buy more of this yarn. It also super soft.

I made my Baudelaire socks out of this base yarn dyed by Dharmafey. I really love them. They feel great and are super comfy. They are wearing pretty well.

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