Thursday, May 22, 2008

Organizing & Project Updates

I am feeling pretty good. Last night I feel like I accomplished a lot.

Silvercat/Beer Knits and I have been sending mail on Ravelry. She inspired me with some of the work she has been doing. She organized her patterns recently. And last night I decided to tackle that myself.

It isn't a biggie. But I put each of my patterns into a plastic sheet protector. I sorted they by type and added some dividers. They are in a large 3-ring binder. So that way if I decide I want knit some toe up socks, I can look at that section and see why I want to try. I feel like it was a big accomplishment to finally do it.

Though it also made me realize that there are a ton of patterns I have bookmarked and such that I don't have printed out. So I may print more of them and get them into the notebook.

I also may break down the notebooks into smaller ones. I have a huge one that is holding everything. It is a bit cumbersome. So it is probably worth it to put them into smaller, more manageable binders.

I am also feeling very accomplished as I finished knitting the Morehouse dragon scarf! I soaked it last night and blocked it. Then I just need to add the eyes & smoke to him.

I am going to see about getting some different eyes than the one that came with the kit. I would love to have some plastic cat's eyes. I think they could look very much like a dragon's eyes. I still need to get the buttons to finish the Tomten for Trinity as well. So it would be good to try and get both tomorrow. Though I do fear given I have a half day that many of the stores may be closing early for the long weekend. But I figure it is worth a trip to the Garment District's notion shops to see what I can find.

The Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl has 33 repeats done out of 35. So it is getting there! I am hoping to finish that up this weekend as well. But it may not happen.

I need to figure out what to cast on next. I am thinking a simple scarf with the handspun yarn I got in AZ at Unique Designs by Kathy.

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It is really beautiful. Also, I will probably be going to a bbq on Saturday. And I really need something to keep my hands busy. So something simple that doesn't require too much counting and such it probably a good way to go. Now, I just need to decide on a pattern... Hmmm...

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Alpaca Granny said...

Yea for you for getting organized!