Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lost: Medium Red GoKnit Bag, Size 5 Knitpicks Circ & 8 oz of Black Alpaca

(I am also posting this on my livejournal.. But I figured I would post it here as more of youwill understand my sadness.)

I was walking from the PATH station at 14th and 6th Ave to a doctor’s appointment at Union Square East (14th & 4th Ave.) today at aout 3:15-3:30.

I had my Medium Red GoKnit Bag attached to my purse. Inside were my Size 5 Knitpicks Options Circ & 8 oz of black sport weight Alpaca. It is the sweater I started.

If anyone found, I would appriecate it back. I am willing to give some reward or something.
Without the yarn, I will probably not be able to finish the sweater I started. I bought the yarn at Rhinebeck and am not even sure I can purchase more to match.

*sigh* This is so not good. This has been a tough day. It was already rough as I had to rush my cat into the vet’s as she is having trouble moving. She is improving I think. But this has so not been a good day... *sigh*

The problem is now I am not sure I have enough. I *think* I may. But I am not sure. I purchased 5 skeins to be sure. It is sport weight. Raverly calculates the 4 skeins at 2768.0 yards. I am hoping that is enough to complete a sweater, but I am honestly not sure.

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Stephanie said...

Oh man! That totally sucks. I hope you find it. I mean...unless there is some sort of rogue knitter out there...I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't be interesting in the yarn or knitting needles. Best of luck! And even if you don't get it back...I really hope you do end up with enough yarn to finish anyway :)