Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Long Overdue Pics of Hubby's Xmas Socks

I meant to post these a while back. But just finally got around to taking the pics.

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Opal Rainforest Frosch/Frog

Knitpicks size 2 circs

I made these socks my hubby Paul for Xmas. They were slow going as I only worked on them when he wasn't around. So at work and sometimes at home if he isn't there.

Wish they had been a complete surprise. But I wasn't thinking and showed him the Lime & Violet Chorewars site. Which of course is where I labeled what I was working on for lunch... *groan*

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Stephanie said...

I made these exact same socks for my brother. He loves them! I liked knitting htem but dang...they took forever. Usually with self patterning yarns it's so much fun to see each stripe emerge...but these have such a big break between pattern repeats that I was about to kill them :) I'm sure your hubby is happy and has warm feet.