Friday, November 16, 2007

Socks That Rock Atomic 6 Jaywalkers Cast On & New Pathways Book

I wrote part of this on Wednesday, then more yesterday. Just need to post this before dashing off to the EtsyFast sale!

I just cast on the Socks That Rock/STR Mediumweight yarn in Atomic 6 Wednesday morning. I was sooo tempted to cast something on Tuesday night. I had just gotten the latest Cat Bordhi book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One.

I was soooo tempted to change what pattern I was going to do. But I have other sock yarn. I can wait on the Bordhi patterns.

I was very tempted to do a pair from New Pathways for my sister-in-law Jennifer. There is a pattern called Rushing Rivulets. Part of her last name is Rushing. Also, the pattern could look great with the yarn I dyed for her.

Problem is getting it to fit. The Bordhi patterns all call for the midfoot circumference. Most sock patterns call for the foot circumference which is different. I have been looking at the numbers in the book. My sister-in-law Tee made Jennifer some socks so I have the more standard foot measurements.

I may take the stitch pattern to create the Rushing Rivulets and transfer it to a more standard pattern. I think that could work very well.

Here is someone on flickr's pics:

A flickr search on Rushing Rivulet shows more pics as well.

I still desperately want to do a pair of the Bordhi design. But I suspect it makes more sense to do them for me so I can tweak it as needed.

I am *definitely* loving the Bordhi book though. It is amazing. It has eight "new forms of sock architecture". Each of these has a few patterns written out patterns with pictures. And for the eight few forms are "master patterns". So you can take any design and tweak it to any size & gauge. I adore that sort of flexibility! I am so excited about it.

I am a big ol geek. I spent a good deal of Wednesday working on a spreadsheet with all the data in the various charts. This way I can just plug in the gauge, midfoot circumference & foot length and get all the figures I need for a Pathways pattern. Paul thought I was nuts. But I really do think it will save a lot of time in the long run.

Paul did proof it yesterday so I should share it soon.


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean about Cat's new book. I still haven't made any socks out of it yet but they are SO COOL. I don't know how that woman thinks! SHe's brilliant!! But...I'm on a total sock burn out at the moment....I've moved to scarves...but even those are having issues. My mojo is lost. I need to find it!

Michele / akkasha said...

I really think the woman has the most amazing brain! I love it. I know my next pair will be something from the book. Just don't know what yet. *grin*

I am sorry your sock mojo is gone. I hope it returns sometime. I am in scarf burnout. I finished a cabled one for a friend's xmas present. I am still working on one for my sister that is taking longer than I hoped. So I have sworn off scarves again for a while unless I find something super quick to knit.