Friday, November 30, 2007

New Project & Pics of Finished Ones

I cast on a bulky baby kimono sweater on Monday.

The pattern is very cool and free!

Bulky Seamless Baby Kimono by Jacki Kelly

Lion Brand Chunky USA in Napa Grape
Bought a NJ Smiley sale in NJ - 3 skeins for $4! Already made a hat out of it.


US 10 Knitpicks Options from kit

I am already 75% done. Woohoo.

Bulky Seamless Baby Kimono

Pics of completed projects:

Jaywalkers -

Only the one pic so far. Will have to take some on my feet tonight.

STR Socks That Rock Atomic 6 Jaywalkers Socks

I really didn't do a good job tweaking the color either. But the original photo was really dark so I am surprised I got this much out of it.

Cupcake Purse -

Knitted Cupcake Purse for My Niece

Took some pics of the scarf, but they didn't come out. *shrugs* Have to take some more with the sock pics this weekend.

I also finished Paul's Xmas socks!! Woohoo! I am thrilled they are done. I will have to post some pics of those too when I get a chance to take the pics. Long story, but the camera is broken. So I have trouble getting the pics off the camera. I will try some with my camera phone when Paul isn't home.

Going to the Smiley sale in Manhattan! I went last year and it was much larger than the one in NJ I went to earlier this month. Time to scoot! I had planned on getting there way earlier in the day, but work has been a beast and I haven't been able to leave til now.

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