Friday, October 5, 2007

Stating My Intention to Not Buy Knitting Stuff Til NY Sheep and Wool

I am going to state this here. It is my hope that I will abide by it. *grin*

I think it is good for me to be on a yarn and knitting supply diet until NY Sheep & Wool festival. I know, that is only two weeks away. Not a big commitment. But I still think it would be wise.

There are three exceptions I might make:

I really want to find a yarn to work with the Bernat Lana I bought. I really want to do a pair of Fair Isle mittens with it. But I need a contrasting color. There is a marine color that is a dark blue that would work well with it. But Lana is a discontinued yarn. So finding the marine might be challenging.

I did write someone on Ravelry in hopes she might want to either sell me or trade one of the 6 skeins of Lana she has. She is in NJ, so I am betting she hit the same sale. Smiley's sells them in bags. The Lana was $10 for the 6 skeins. If I had seen the marine, I would have picked that up as well. But I only saw the denim that I picked up.

Socks That Rock has a cotton sock yarn but there hasn't listed since I found out about STR about a month ago. I emailed them about it. The woman who dyes it has been recovering from surgery. So they said to check back in about a month. This was about 2 weeks ago. So I will keep trolling their site in hopes of getting cotton yarn.

Stuff to make the swifts for reskeining. I meant to pick the stuff up already. But Paul and I haven't settled what I want and if it will work.

But other than that, I should just save up for NY Sheep and Wool. And that does include everything else involved, not just the yarn. I can sooo easily spend money on knitting related items.

Damn. Forgot to mention the new Cat Bordhi book in the exceptions! I sooo want it. Ah well. Maybe at NY Sheep & Wool. *grin*

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