Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Socks on the Brain

I finished my first socks out of the yarn I dyed. I am pretty excited. I will take some pics tonight and post them. They are the third pair of socks I have knit, but it was cool seeing how the yarn I dyed knit up. It also taught me a lot for the next batches of yarn I dye.

Overall, I like the dye job on the yarn. The blue is brighter than I intended, but it is sorta interesting. I am calling them my bruise socks given the colors - black, purple & blue.

Of course, Paul being the smart ass he is said I should make another set with some yellows and greens in them. *smirk*

I have about 4/5ths of a skein left and don't have a clue what to do with it (38 grams if I recall correctly). I used 2 1/5 skeins to do my socks which come up pretty high. I guess I could use the dyed stuff for a leg & then a complimentary color for the foot. But I really don't want a second set in the same colors. I am not sure I can think of anyone who would want the same colors.

I worked on the sock for Paul for Xmas during lunch. I so wish they were going to be a surprise. But I wasn't thinking and showed him the Lime & Violet Chorewars site. Which of course is where I labeled what I was working on for lunch... *groan*

Opal Rainforest Frosch/Frog

Knitpicks 32" size 2 circs

I have doubts these will be ready for Xmas. *pout* All I have done is the cuff and a little bit of the leg.

Hubby Xmas Socks

The problem is that since I am only knitting them at work, I have only gotten a little done. I knit during my Weight Watchers meeting each week or on rare occasions when I have eaten at my desk. So it has been going slowly with that.

I also confess, I feel a lot less motivated about them now that he knows they are coming. Feels like some of the pressure is off. Though on the flip side, he knows they are coming. He has told me I could give them to him for his birthday and again for Xmas. *laugh*

I think I am going to drop by The Point on the way home. This will sound insane, but I am sorely tempted to buy some more sock yarn!! *groan* I know, I have two batches of yarn I died, the cotton self-patterning stuff & the alpaca. Why would I want something else??! Well, you see... There is a knit along on Ravelry with the Jaywalker socks... And you know nothing I have currently would do it justice.... *smirk*

Yah yah. I know. *smirk*

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