Friday, January 8, 2016

Another Year When Carin Has Me Thinking about Goals

Carin from the Round the Twist podcast mentioned goals for 2015.  And looking back, I realize that she has inspired me for several years in the past.

I wasn't going to take on any goals.  But listening to hers, I was inspired to set a few. 

I am not going overboard.  Here's what I am thinking.

Participate in all the SSK KALs
I am still stunned I got a spot in the Super Summer Knitogether this year.  I have been listening to the Knit Girllls for many years.  But this is the first year I tried for a spot.  And I got in!  I am super excited.

They are having five KALs before SSK.  Each one earns tickets for raffles.

Charity KAL - Items made for certain charities and brought to SSK - runs right up to SSK
Romi Hill 11/20/15-1/31/16
babycocktails - Thea Colman 2/1/16-3/31/16
mercedesknits - Mercedes Tarasovich 4/1/16-5/31/16
Pattern by any SSK participant including teachers: 6/1/16-7/15/16

I can earn one ticket for every 100 yards.  I can also earn 2 tickets for using one of the SSK vendors.  And 2 for handspun.  Coolness.

I like that most of them are two months long.  So it is a good chunk of time & completely doable.  

SocksComplete three pairs this year.  And yes, I am counting the pair currently on the needles and nearly done.  But hey, it is something. 
 I should set a higher goal.  But I have been lagging on socks lately.  I get past the foot & then just stall on the leg.  Feels like I should be done, but it isn't.

I just checked.  I only knit *two* pairs for all of last year.  So three is an increase!  I wear my handknit socks all the time.  So I definitely need more!

Thinking about my socks.  I realize that I should *darn* some of the pairs I have that have holes that can be repaired!  So my goal is for two pairs to get fixed. 

Finish DH's Sweater
I started it in 2012!!  For the Year of the Sweater.  Again, Carin from Round the Twist inspired me.  It needs a buttonband & buttons.  That is it.  But I fowled it up and haven't had the heart to rip it out and start again.  *sigh*  So close...

I fear it may wait until Stash Dash in May.  But so long as it is this year, I will be happy.  DH might be happier sooner however.  But it has been a warm winter so far.

A Spin on Spin the Bin
I am still trying to find details on this.  Lara form the Knit Girllls has done it several years.  Leslie is doing it this year unofficially.  I think I may have already missed the deadline to join in the group. 

In looking at the Knit Girllls group, I have decided on a different spin on this.

I want to spin 12 bits of fiber.  I say 12 but am not locking in what they are.  This way I can spin things as they come into the house rather than locking in things now. 

Also, I say bits of fiber rather than braids or batts.  This is because one of those should be some silk. And they aren't in the standard braids or such.

I went crazy at NY S&W shortly after I started spinning.  I have multiple bits of silk.  I have an entire silk kit with different types of silk.   And wanna guess how much I have actually spun?!  I have spun part of a silk hankie with a spindle.  But other than that, I haven't spun any pure silk.  And even the spindle one, I haven't spun the whole hankie!

I have even bought the download video of Spinning Luxury Fibers Volume 1: Silk when Interweave was having a sale.  But I don't think I have watched it yet.  Or certainly not all of it.

I think those are good goals.  They make sense and are completely achievable.  So hooray for that.

Wish me luck.

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Michele / akkasha said...

Of course after I made the post, I found the info on Spin the Bin.

Here's the 2016 link:

It is the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinning group on Ravelry.

Maybe next year I will decide to declare the 12 fiber bits first. But I think this year, I am better off just doing my own thing and seeing how it goes. Though I also know that having support would be good. So it is a Catch-22.