Friday, September 25, 2015

Yowza for Yowza!

So...between The Knit Girllls & Round the Twist talking about the Yowza Weigh It shawls, I decided I really wanted to try some Yowza.

Of course, I couldn't pick just one.  So I choose three.

Notice anything?

Miss Babs Yowsa - Red Red and More Red

Nope.  They aren't the same colorway & varients.  I just couldn't stop buying RED!

LOVE them all!  Though now the tough choice is which one will be my first Yowza Weight It Shawl. I got the pattern for number 2.  It is a style with raglan increase.

I am gonna decide tonight as I need to cast it on!  *grin*

Mind you, I *should* be finishing DD or DH sweaters.  But I can't resist...

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