Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Already??!

Wow!  It is July 1st.

What does that mean?  The Tour de Fleece begins in just three days!  It begins July 4th.  And runs through to Sunday, July 26th.

I have signed up for *five* groups:
Into the Whirled

I actually debated more.  *laugh*

The Babe one has become really freeform.  Someone asked if she could join.  She said someone has her Babe, so she won't be able to spin on it.  The moderator said that was okay.  *laugh*   I think one of the main folks on the board has switched to other wheels.  But she still sells mods for Babe wheels on her Etsy shop.  So she is okay with that.

Mind you, I don't think I can ply anything large on my Ladybug anyhow. *sigh*  It is disappointing but the Woolee Winder bulky flyer is sitting too low.  If I switch a plastic piece so that it sits higher, I can get it to spin.  But then the moving eye hits a rounded head screw at the center of the Mother of All.  (Yes...that really is a part of the spinning wheel.  *laugh*)

I emailed them but didn't get a response.  I have heard on their forums that email is not good with them.  I just haven't been able to bring myself to call.  I *hate* phone calls!  *sigh*  But I should...  But it does mean if they want the flyer back, I will not have it for the Tour de Fleece.  *pout*

So, as you would figured, the two fiber specific groups mean I have to spin *their* fibers.  Which is a joy. 

First on the wheel will be the Into the Whirled batt I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

Into The Whirled Falkland Wool Carded Batt - Excursion Colorway - Spiral View

Lovely lovely lovely! 

Of course the trick?  I have no idea *how* I want to spin it.  Which makes it a bit challenging!  *laugh*

I think it needs to stay as a gradient.  It is too lovely not to keep that.  But then I have no idea what I will knit with it.  Though I am leaning towards a shawl to show it off.

For the Loop, I am not sure which of my four Bumps & the Spontanious Cloud will end up on the wheel.  I have two Bumps that are for me.  Two are for Elder Munchkin.

I suspect it may come down to how long it takes for me to spin the ItW batt.  Since I am participating in Stash Dash this year, I *want* more yardage.  A lot of years, I want to go through as much fiber as possible.  But with Stash Dash, it is the meters that matter!

If I think I can stretch myself & get two Bumps spun, I will probably try to get the ones done for Elder Munchkin & ply them together.  But if that isn't gonna happen, I will probably do one of the two Bumps I got for me.  Though I did get the Clouds to pair with them.  So I am honestly not sure...

Mind you, I *really* wanted the WW bulky flyer for TdF.  I figured I could play with some things like maybe some core spinning even...  *sigh*  The orifice is *big*.  So I figured it could be a whole lot of fun.  *sigh*

Okay.  Off to call them.  Wish me luck.

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