Friday, October 31, 2014

Purple Minion Part 2

Here are a pic of Little Guy in his costume.

He is super happy with it! I am too.  (Though probably should have resprayed the hair!)

I posted in my last piece about how I constructed it.  But I wanted to share pics of some more of it & a bit about the piece inside.

For the inside structure, I went with a large bubble wrap envelope.  It was similar to an open sided vest.  It supported the body well and kept it in place.  It made it easy to put on and off (which is important for his wearing it at school.) Should have taken some pics.  But it was basically a large envelope with the sides cut off.  I then cut the hole for his head.  Tight enough so it sat well.  But big enough that it went over is head.

I positioned it with him inside the costume so his head would be in the right place.  It worked pretty well other than Little Guy pulling his face *through* the hole a lot.  *laugh*

Eye/goggle opening
Silver part is the foam board painted with acrylic paint
Sides are poster board also painted

 Detail of side with elastic glued in place
Cut & put on with hot glue gun
(the reflection makes it look like there is white near the edge, but there wasn't.)

Teeth & Mouth 
Made a cut for the mouth & placed foam board teeth inside opening
Hot glued them in place but they were pretty secure without glue.

 Arm opening
Can see the other one on the other side
Made big so he could move his arms easily

 Inside circle a the bottom with duct tape to keep the shape of the circle
Not the most successful part
I think I would have done better to make two pieces of foam board to help the shape. 
But overall, it looks okay.

If I had to do over, I would shorten the head some.  It is pretty tall and I think a bit taller than it should be in terms of proportions.  It also means it was a bit top heavy.  The poor guy fell over at school!  Luckily, the teachers helped him up.  But they said he looked like a turtle.  Poor dear.  But he was laughing the whole time they said.  So he was fine!

Went with a black shirt because we didn't find a good match in color. Also, this way he could wear a black shirt with his Yellow Minion shirt over it.  So he could have that as a costume when not in the big construct...aka pretty much most of the school day!

Overall, I think it came out pretty well.

I missed the pics of Little Guy kissing his costume.  But I got him to sit next to it this morning.

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