Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buttons...All About the Buttons...

I haven't been good about updating these days. Things are crazed with Elanor and the baby yet to come. But I have been knitting.

Though looking at the projects in my side bar, you would really think I have startitis, but never actually finish anything! That isn't actually the case. It is nearly allll about buttons!!

And worse thing is, I have no excuse right now! My MIL was soooo sweet for Christmas. She gave me a bunch of her vintage buttons, including some that she thinks she had on something when she was Elanor's size!

WIP According to Ravelry But Really Just Missing One Thing or Another -

Beaded Evening Bag/Purse
started: 12-06-2008
Knitting finished: 12-21-2008
This one is the most embarrassing. Just needs a single button!! It was supposed to be a friend's Xmas present two years ago. Still hasn't been sent to her as you can see. If she ever comes back to the East coast, I will actually sew on a bead or button and get it to her. *laugh* I even have a bead that might work for the closure.

Aviatrix Hat for Ella by Justine Turner
started: 10-09-2010
Knitting finished: 10-15-2010
Super quick knit and cute. Of course, I put it somewhere after washing and blocking it. Was in the bathroom just waiting for the button so DD could wear it this winter. But it got moved. Where? That is an excellent question! I would like it to fit her by the time the button gets on it! (It does have some stretch so it is possible it could even get more than one season out of it, but who knows.)

Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges by Rosie's Yarn Cellar
started: 11-25-2010
Knitting finished: 12-21-2010
Cute, simple sweater that I hope will fit the baby boy due in March. Needs 4 or 5 buttons. The ones I thought would work are a bit too big. So I will either put on some pearly buttons or get something to match soon. Though to give myself some credit, I was smart enough to put an i-cord tie on the matching hat so I didn't have to deal with buttons! Might have been smarter with the sweater too.

Cardigan for My Hobbit Elanor by annypurls
started: 04-18-2010
Knitting finished: sometime 12-2010 though still haven't done the i-cord loops for the button, so not all done with the knitting.
This seems like the doomed project. *sigh* Forgot to bring more yarn so I could work on it for the July 4th weekend/several day vacation. I have lost the yarn and had to order more. Now, the toggle buttons I bought for it are MIA! *sigh* It currently just barely fits Elanor. It will not overlap and still cover her belly. But luckily the button flap is actually the same cable pattern so I can just have it edge to edge and it will look like it is intentional. I am glad this is Emerald green so the baby boy can wear it! But it would look soooo adorable on DD. I did put it on Elanor, but without buttons she keep lifting the bottom of the sweater and stretching it, sometimes even pulling the back over her head!

Crest of the Wave Scarf by Judy Jacobs
started: 11-19-2010
Knitting finished: 12-4-2010
I want to add some beads to this. I was hoping I had some that were the right size. But in looking, I don't think I do. I am going to see about stringing some seed beads on it that I already own. But not sure they will fit or look right. Was supposed to be an Xmas but ended up participating in a grab bag with several people instead. So this can be given to my SIL next year. (Hope she doesn't suddenly get an interest in knitting and read my blog. *laugh*)

Friday Mary Janes by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
started: 12-08-2010
Knitting finished: 12-20-2010
These are a Christmas present and I am seeing the recipient this weekend. So the buttons are going on tonight!! Amongst the lovely Xmas button stash are three gold & blue buttons that I think are going on these. With there being three I wanted to hold on to them. But if they are the right size, I will probably let two of the buttons go and figure out a use for the single one.

Simple Cardi for Bella Ella by Dove Knits
started: 08-28-2010
Knitting finished: 9-19-2010
Needs 5-6 buttons. Don't think I have any that will match it and are the right size. But I sized this big so DD could wear it next year. And unlike other projects where I tried that, I think this one actually *will* be able to be worn next year. *laugh*

Actual WIPs -

Flora Dress by Vy Tran
started: 07-05-2010
40% done
This may need to be frogged. Started over the July 4th weekend last year. I was aiming for it to fit this summer. But I think it is already too small for Elanor!

Maeve Socks by Janneke Maat
started: 12-29-2010
40% done
Recently cast on. My first new knit socks for me since I was pregnant with DD who is now 15 months old! Loving them a lot and working on them pretty heavily even though they are cabled!

Suri Bias Scarf by Michelle WeeFolkArt
started: 12-27-2010
20% Done
I wanted a super easy knit. This is probably an Xmas present for next year. So not rush. Just a super simple mindless knit. So might be good hospital knitting when the baby boy is due. Though not good night time car knitting as the yarn is fuzzy and has a thin thread that holds the yarn together. So I can't do it without looking at it sometimes or there will be holes.

Okay. I really should be working. Don't know what got me started on this!! I have a ton to do today. Thinking I am gonna have to work late tonight after Elanor goes to bed... *groan*

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