Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow. I Am Pooped!

My favorite local yarn store, The Point, is going out of business! It was really sudden. They lost their lease. Unfortunetly, they won't be reopening. I am really sad as the staff was super friendly and helpful. I am really depressed to see them go as they are 2 blocks from my office.

I had said I wouldn't spend any yarn money because I am going to Maryland Sheep & Wool on Saturday. But they are selling off everything for 30% off. So I figured it was worth stopping by.

The store opened at 11. I got there are 11:15. It was mobbed! It isn't a huge store to start with. But I looked around. I ended up getting a book of baby patterns, 'Essential Knits' by Debbie Bliss, some recycled cotton yarn, buttons & some Soak soap (haven't tried it but I figured it was worth it given the discount).

The problem is I am now completely exhausted. I was only in the store 45 minutes and now feel like I need a nap! *sigh* I am stunned. I really didn't think I was that bad. But NYC is very hot. The store has AC, but it still did a number on me. All I want to do is curl up now.

Unfortunately, I missed yoga class because I got back too late. *pout* It would have been good for me. And I can't go Wednesday as I have an eye appointment at 3:00. Ah well.

I think I made a mistake buying 'Essential Knits'. I want 'The Expectant Mother', but they didn't have any copies left. I saw a couple cute things in 'Essential Knits' so I decided to get it. I admit that I am tempted to see if I could return it. I might sell it on the Amazon Marketplace. *shrugs* After getting it back to my desk I realized that the patterns I like are very similar to ones I have found for free. And a lot of them are sweaters that require seaming pieces which I loathe. *shrugs* So I am not sure what I will do with it. Ah well.

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