Monday, March 9, 2009

Woven Ridge Socks

I cast on a pair of Woven Ridge Socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One by Cat Bordhi. I always forget just how different Cat's patterns are until I am in the middle of one of them. They are ingenious and I love them. But since this is only my second pair, there are times when I have to really sit down and read the pattern. And reread. *grin*

I cast the socks on Friday night. And I was wizzing through them. Because the foot is stockinette, it is pretty quick. At the 2" mark, I measured the rows per inch. I did a couple times on Friday, then again on Saturday. I really thought it was 10.5 rows per inch.

I really thought I was done all the increases. I am looking at the number of stitches and kinda scratching my head. I should have 102 stitches. There were 51 on the instep needle. I am good to go. But wait. Why is it only 5 1/2" when DH's foot is 10"? *blink*

I am thinking that can't be right. I remeasured the rows per inch. Now I am getting 11. Hmmm. So I should have made the toe longer before starting the increases. But the difference is only .35". So I am figuring I can either knit that now or say the sock will be a bit more snug on the feet. It will be fine. But it really seems way too short to start the heel.

I am looking at it. Pondering. I decide I will move the wing stitches now in prep for the heel. Thank goodness I did. The instep needle does indeed have 51 stitches, half the stitches that I need for the foot. But there were no increases on the sole needle! That only has the 35 stitches. So instead of the 102 stitches I should have total, I only have 86 stitches! That is 16 stitches less than I should have! Thank goodness I checked.

Since the increases are only every 3 rows, that is still another 24 rows, so another 2"+ worth of sock! That makes a lot more sense. *grin*

So much fun with math! *laugh*

I have a spreadsheet I use to figure out the numbers. I am thinking I will the number on the top needle for next time! So in case it is a while before I do a pair again, I will actually remember this time. *grin*

The pattern is nice. There is just a simple 7 stitch pattern at the top of the foot. It is very easy but enough to keep it quick yet interesting. I definitely like the way it looks. Though the yarn might not feature it as well as a higher contrast yarn would.

I am planning on adding some ribbing up the back of the leg. I figure this way it will stay up better and fit Paul's calves better. I admit that I dislike that so many of Cat's patterns seem to have stockinette legs. I find that means they don't stay up as well. The Coriolis socks I have incorporate increases as you go up the leg which helps. But mine have a tendency to slide down as the day goes onward. So I figure that the ribbing will help these sock stay up on Paul. The question now is more about how wide a piece to do. Given there is a 7 stitch pattern on the front, the easiest mirror might be a 7 stitch rib on the back. But I am not sure that is enough. Have to look at what I want to do with the cuff at the top. I still have to finish the heels so I have time to decide.

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