Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Works in Progress

This morning, I just finished plying the lovely alpaca I bought from It is a deep chocolate brown plied with black. It is for my friend Meredith's present. (Started off Xmas, but switched to her birthday which is on the 28th of this month.) I will soak it to set the twist when I get home. I hope it doesn't take too long to dry. I need to get to some knitting.

Of course, I haven't decided *what* exactly I am knitting with it yet. I know some sort of scarf. But other than that, I am not sure. I also have a single of spun silk that I did with my spindle. I am thinking about using that as trim on the scarf. I need to place them side by side now that the alpaca is plied to make certain it is the right choice. But I think so.

So I think there is another scarf in the future. I am not sure if I will just design something simple myself or if I want to find a pattern to use. Though in perusing patterns I have favorited on Ravelry, I came across the Yarn Harlot One Row Handspun Scarf. I am thinking that could be a good choice. Hmmmm.

Of course, I have to have socks on my needles. Things wouldn't be right unless I did. *chuckle*

Reptilian Lace Socks in Handpainted Yarn

Cast On:
January 11 2009

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Reptilian Lace by Sivia Harding

Made for:
Me - 9" circumference, 9 1/4" long

US 3 / 3.25 mm Knitpicks Options & Harmony - 2 socks on 2 circs

Cosmic Fibers Bamboo Sock in Black Orchid Dyed by Me
Purchased at Dharmafey's Cosmic Fibers

I was debating what to do for the January Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL on Ravelry. I could do either socks with beads, an online pattern or the beaded mystery sock. I was tempted by the mystery sock. But that would have required going out and buying more beads. I really didn’t want to do that given I have a lot of beads sitting around unused.

These are socks with beads strung onto the yarn (aka bead knitting). So they are smaller than the ones I would have needed to the mystery sock. Though I want to do those some other time.

This actually fits in the KAL in two ways. It is a beaded sock & it is an online pattern. *grin*

I did write the moderator to make sure bead knitting was also okay. From what I have read, beaded knitting can mean that the bead is slid onto the stitch vs. bead knitting where the beads are stung onto the yarn. She said any sock with beads were fine.

I am curious how these will fit. The gauge says 36-sts, but then only has you cast on 66 sts. I went with a size 3 needle in hopes they will fit okay. With all the yarn overs & such, I think they will fit just fine on the leg. I might have to go down a needle size for the feet or even sooner. I will see how loose they are after the first repeat and then again for the feet.

The funny part is that I actually wound my Schaefer Heather into balls with the intention that I would use that for this month's project. But after looking at some patterns, I decided I really liked this one. I went looking in my stash for a yarn that could work well. And this one grabbed my eye as a great match.

I suspect I should have done silver beads instead of gold/copper ones I used. But I like the way the beads play off the purples. I just fear it might make the black look more brown. But I think they will be nice. *crosses fingers*

Beaded Evening Bag/Purse

So I am putting this with my WIP as there are still some things I really need to do before I see my friend.

Cast On:
December 6 2008

Knitting Finished:
December 21 2008
Still needs lining, closure, etc.

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Designed by me

Made for:
My Friend Karen

6 3/4" x 9"

US 2 1/2 / 3.0 mm Knitpicks Options

Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver in Tuxedo Colorway
Around 1/2 skeins = 200 yards
Purchased at The Point in New York, New York

This one has been nearly done for ages now. I just need to add the bead to close it & some internal stuff. But the knitting was done on Sunday, Dec. 21st. Don't think I block it until a week or so later. Just so lazy. *chuckle*

I wanted to make a beaded evening bag for a friend as a present.

I didn’t want to do the super fine seed beads. I wanted something that was knit but with beads as an accent. I couldn’t find anything that I thought would work for my friend.

I came across the Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver yarn at my LYS. I knew it would be perfect as my friend loves black & silver.

I picked up some beads to work into the project. Then I sat down and started trying to chart something I thought would work. I have tweaked the pattern several times.

I need to make the changes to the chart & share it. I think it looks good and could work well for others. The thing I like was that I could use different beads I have had around for a while.


Stephanie said...

I love all your works in progress. Also...a tip on getting yarn to dry. If you have a top loading washer...put it to the spin cycle and toss the yarn in for a minute. It won't felt it and it comes out almost bone dry. :) Mine alway is totally dry by the morning!

I can't wait to see the finished reptilian socks. They looks awesome so far.

Michele / akkasha said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I do not have a top loading machine. It is a front loading efficiency machine.

However, I read somewhere that a salad spinner is a great way to get it dry. I run my yarn through that to get the water out. Then wrap it in a towel & step on the towel to get any remaining water out. Generally it is dry in 24-48 hours depending on how much fiber I spun.