Tuesday, May 27, 2008

St. George's Day Dragon Scarf

Just wanted to share the pics my husband took of my St. George Day Dragon as he was hanging around to dry. It was finished knitting & blocking on Wednesday, May 21st. Just waiting to get some eyes for it (the kit came with eyes, but I want the plastic eyes that are used for stuffed animals).

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Puff the Merino Dragon Scarf by Morehouse Merino



Morehouse Farm Merino Merino 3-Strand

2.5 skeins = 350.0 yards (320.0m)


US 8 / 5.0 mm Bamboo dpns

I will take more pics when it is completed with the eyes and smoke. Just wanted to share these in works pics at the moment.

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Heidi said...

I love your dragon! Last fall I found the dragon and alligator scarves and really wanted to make one for my nephew but I haven't been knitting very long and was worried it would be too difficult. So, here I am again still wanting to make it for my nephew and thinking I should just break down and order it. How long did it take you to knit this? Wondering if I have time to get it done before christmas.
also, did you order just the pattern and use your own yarn? If so, what did you use?
I would love to see more pictures if you have any.
Thanks for your help!