Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yarn Harlot & Sock Yarn Dilemma

I got to go see the Yarn Harlot last night! It was a lot of fun. And of course, she was hilarious. And I love the theme that she is smart which lead to ending with knitters are smart. *grin*

I also got a copy of the new book. I have only read a few pages so far. But it seems to be similar to the topic she discussed about how knitting does good things for our brains.

It was also very funny. Someone from Ravelry recognized me from my user photo! She was a very sweet woman who live in Jersey City as well. It was definitely fun getting to talk with her.

Though it cracked me up. She said I was her new knitting hero because I was working on my lace shawl project. I told her that wasn't at all the case and I knew enough to stop when Stephanie came on stage.

The funniest part about that was that I *don't have any socks on the needles*! It wasn't about brave. It was about being stuck. I have the lovely Scout's Swag Soctober colorway that I still haven't nailed down a pattern for. I keep looking and looking. But nothing is grabbing me.

I kept saying I was going to pair it with a Jeanie Townsend pattern to participate in the April KAL for Sock Knitters Anonymous. She has some lovely patterns but none that I am seeing work with the colorway. I could force it and do the Cascading Leaves pattern, but I feel like it is pushing the two together.

I was looking at patterns today as I *really* need a pair on the needles for my trip. And I found the Primavera pattern.

The good part is that it is a very simple repeat. So it is good knitting while visiting with Karen. My friend Karen is wonderful. And I know full well I won't be able to keep counting lace stitches while talking with her! *laugh* So having something I can do while we are talking would be great.

Also, I think the pattern is one that will really show off the yarn without being too busy so the pattern gets lost. I am not sure yet, but I am heavily leaning towards that pattern.

I have to head to a work conference in Arizona on Saturday. So this week is really crazy. I would love to say more, but I shouldn't have even written this much! So much to do!

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